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    I used to enjoy reading the articles when the guy the past few years wrote them. Now it is just a bunch of information that we already know and it doesn't have a different twist or side of explaining anything. Why waste the space noting who the players of the week were? An update each week of the teams coming into the WCHA? Matchups by the numbers? These are all things that we already can find out on our own. The other guy used to get more inside information and gave more insight on issues.
  2. Gregoire-Fri. Hextal-Sat.
  3. I am going Saturday! I wanted to go Friday, but then having to pay for a hotel would have been too much of a cost burden right now. Is there a get together for Sioux fans someplace on Saturday? If so, I might head up earlier to hang out before the game.
  4. Good. All of those crappy titled threads are finally starting to move down towards the bottom of the first page. Can't wait for St. Cloud! Is there some sort of gathering place before the Saturday game? I have seen talk of this in other threads, but nothing really for sure yet.
  5. Caution, positive thinking ahead!!! I hope the players can use this time to get healthy and sharpen up. I know other fans are as frustrated as I am, but we need to stick with the boys and pull through this. Hopefully we can still make a run, but if not we know we have the talented players that will click very soon and into next year. Our league is very tough this year and we do have younger players, but we still need to adjust to how different teams play and can't make excuses. We need to step it up and somebody needs to emerge as a leader through play on the ice and who can carry the t
  6. vs. Denver Friday night=Vandevelde Saturday night=Trupp
  7. I did it awhile back and don't remember my password. Is there another radio feed link out there?
  8. Is there another link to audio other than KFGO? I tried this and it said the feed was blacked out. I don't have a password for the fightingsioux site. Any help please?
  9. I am already in for Saturday and am thinking about Friday if I can find a reasonably priced hotel.
  10. Another interesting angle from aparch on USCHO: "Welcome to the CCHA Super Six Format. I wish your attendance the best of luck on Thursday. The third, fourth, fifth, and sixth seeded teams better hope they don't go three games for their playoff round. Win on Sunday afternoon/evening. Bus home Sunday night, turn around and head to the cities on Wednesday? Uffda." Players will be really tired by the time NCAA's happen and hopefully no injuries. ...On a side note, I noticed that nobody started a thread over there (uscho) for the games this weekend. Maybe that means we have people
  11. I can definitely see your points of view now. After thinking more about it, Thursday and Friday would be really fun and having time to rest up Saturday morning before the big one would probably be a good idea.
  12. Friday-Malone Saturday-Gregoire
  13. It would be fun if they still played for 3rd on Saturday because then we would have something to do during the day. I guess then two teams would need to play a third game for the weekend and it might be more tiring with not as much to play for. The more hockey the better and if the price wouldn't go up that much more for one more game (say around $25), I would be willing to pay for it.
  14. This is what I was already thinking too, but if people want to go to the entire tournament and are from out of town, it might be tough to attend the Thursday day game and that would probably be the "new" 3rd place sparse crowd game. It would be tough waiting all day Saturday for the Sioux to win the tournament that night. I know I probably would be more tipsy than usual having the whole day to hang out and wait.
  15. I am all for keeping the five games because I can't get enough live hockey these days, but having two games Thursday and Friday make it tougher to get off of work and make the trip for most people. I think they should do the semifinal games Friday and Saturday with the Championship Sunday afternoon if they keep the five games. I like the idea of dropping the third place game because it always seems pretty uneventful anyway. I just hope the Sioux make it this year and Eidsness starts to take charge and control a game by making some big saves when we need them. It all starts with a strong go
  16. This is the only road trip I am making this year! I checked online and there are still a bunch of tickets available so let's pack St.Cloud and watch us take it to the Genoway aggressors!
  17. Thanks for the heads up! We might head down and go that route and at least watch the game on television at Sally's or something if we can't find tickets. I have never paid attention to notice if many people are selling tickets outside of Mariucci when I go and already have tickets.
  18. Yikes, just checked ebay and I don't know if I want to pay over $80 a ticket! Hoping to find a fellow Sioux fan who just needs to get rid of a ticket or two if necessary and not looking to make a huge profit.
  19. I would like to add my name to this wish list as I am sure others are looking for these tickets also. I didn't get standing tickets as in the past because I kind of wanted to wait it out and see if I could find seats this year. Either night or both would be fantastic if somebody isn't able to go last minute, I will buy!!! Has anybody ever bought tickets from a scalper for this series before and if so, were they reasonably priced near face value? Just checking my options, thanks in advance! PM if you need help in getting rid of tickets!
  20. I am not registered and don't have an account. Isn't there just a way to link into the radio station and hear the game or do I have to go through the fightingsioux website?
  21. Anybody have a link to the audio? I tried going onto that 96.1 fox website and couldn't link in. Thanks for the help!
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