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  1. YEAH VV! that's two! one more for the hatty!!!!
  2. And the announcer said after the missed goal, "If UNH comes back...they're going to remember that [missed open net by Duncan]." Yikes...I hope that's not the difference either.
  3. And to make matters even more interesting...they're tied 9 to 9....sounds awfully familiar.........
  4. Still though, it's annoying not seeing the scoreboard or the time remaining in the period. I guess the money they could have spent on a scoreboard and clock went to the extra coverage of the lacrosse game....
  5. WOO HOO!! VandeVelde!!!
  6. Even though it's inevitable, hearing the commentator's East coast bias is getting a little old.
  7. FINALLY!!!! LACROSSE IS OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I wonder if people on the East coast have to watch this lacrosse too or if in NH they get the hockey game...?
  9. How much time left in the second period? We're still stuck on lacrosse here...thanks a lot ESPN...
  10. *twiddles thumbs*.... are we there yet?
  11. I feel bad for all the people out at sports bars and wherever and they have to watch all this stuff instead of the Sioux...
  12. We better win this game because I don't want my Sioux hockey viewing for this year to be done and not being able to watch the entire game!
  13. Well, programming is not the same everywhere.
  14. It better not! Seriously...this lacrosse garbage needs to end. It's almost like the lacrosse players know there are Sioux fans everywhere (more than lacrosse ever will have) just waiting to watch the game, so they're doing everything they can just to make their game squeak out for as long as they can.
  15. Hey I thought Danny Gladden played for the MN Twins back in the day? What is he doing in this lacrosse game?
  16. Still...We're missing SIOUX HOCKEY!
  17. HAHAA! That was a good one. What is with the scoreboard on your picture?
  18. Yeah but seeing how ESPN has been broadcasting thus far, if the Sioux would have been on a breakaway, they would have cut back to the lacrosse game anyway. Poor judgment on their part. Ever heard of split screens for both games? It's not that difficult...
  19. 1:00 SIOUX vs. New Hampshire ESPN2 3:00 Cornell vs. Northeastern ESPNU 4:30 Ohio State vs. Boston U. ESPN2 5:30 Air Force vs. Vermont ESPNU 6:30 Bemidji vs. Notre Dame ESPN Classic 8:00 Miami vs. Minn. Duluth ESPNU Here is the lineup for today to make it easier for everybody out there! I couldn't find an organized schedule with channels and times, so here it is! I already called my cable provider and added the ESPN channels to my lineup and will cancel after the weekend paying only $5 with Charter and am ready to go!
  20. Worth every penny to be there live for these games so far. Very glad I kept my tickets and didn't back out just because the Sioux weren't there. Now I get to watch us on television today and then watch more live hockey again tonight! Of course I would rather be out East, but this is the next best thing. GO SIOUX!!!
  21. Hey now, they are my second team to cheer for! Sioux will always be number one for me!!!
  22. Nobody else is going then still who had already bought tickets? We are still planning on going because we love to watch college hockey and wouldn't just sell our tickets off, unless I had more money to fly to the east coast
  23. I love college hockey and am glad that these games at Mariucci don't overlap with our game Saturday, so at least we can still make use of the tickets we already have purchased and catch the Sioux on television. Anybody else going and should we still wear our Sioux jersey's to show support for our team or go in neutral colors? I would like to see Duluth come out of this and don't think there will be any upsets. Denver might be playing a little harder this time though and might make it interesting. We supported the dogs at the X after the Sioux were ousted because Sandelin is amazing. H
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