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  1. Excited to make this yet another weekend full of lasting memories! We have 4 seats section 117 row 10. My two questions I have to throw out there to see if anybody knows the answers are... Will they have a commemorative DVD for the 2000's available to finish out the weries since they didn't include that with this years renewal? I kind of thought that maybe they would have included the final installments, not sure when/how they would get them to us now. I noticed they had the Big Ten tourney flier explaining renewal priority, will the NCHC try to help us fans out in some way for the
  2. Would the game still be available online anybody know? I have never done the online thing before and want to make sure my connection and everything works before the puck drops. Also, if I have a fast wireless Internet connection would that work or would I need to hook it up wired directly?
  3. Kind of crappy that something which takes a lot of effort, planning and unique isn't available on more television options. Anybody know of a location possibly Sensers that would be able to pick up the game to view other than watching on a computer?
  4. Is the game going to be on television (Fox College Sports) as it usually is for a home game? Just wondering because I have a digital cable package in the Twin Cities and curious if I will be able to have people over to watch the game. Figured since it was a different unique game it should be on some cable sports channel but want to make sure. Thanks for any help!
  5. Another Sioux boy is GOLDEN!!!
  6. Selling four more of my pucks on Ebay now in case anybody is interested, just under another friends name. Still probably won't be able to part with my game pucks from the different eras though. This will probably be it.
  7. 01grad


    I am selling a bunch of my pucks on Ebay in case you were interested. I will never part with my jerseys or my 15 game pucks with Blackhawk, geometric and newer logo, but at the rate they were coming out with new pucks it was too tough to keep up and I decided to put them all up at once instead of spacing them out just to get them out to fans who may need particular ones to round out their collections. Surprised I haven't been able to sell the DU and CC game pucks or my other Wild pucks and Hobey's, but anyway they are out there for a resonable start for those interested. My father in law help
  8. Still a few pucks that don't have bid and I want them to go to Sioux fans who need to complete their collection and not somebody else trying to resell them and make money. Just want them to go so my wife and I have more diaper money! A question was asked that if somebody gets a few of the pucks can they be shipped together, absolutely because I don't want extra money to be forked out for shipping!
  9. I ended up putting some of them on EBay. My father in law has an account and showed me how because I didn't have a clue as he told me this would be the best way. My wife and I are saving up for a baby, but I still saved about 20 pucks with the geometric logo and blackhawk logo the majority being gamers that are my prized possessions along with my authentic jerseys. I will never part with those and still remain a strong and faithful Sioux fan, but just didn't have room to display all these pucks.
  10. Not sure if this is for tickets only, but I am selling a bunch of my pucks and not sure how to go about it. Was thinking Ebay, but not sure and would like to have a picture here to see who might be interested.
  11. Those are great points Dagies. It would be fun if we started organizing sections that we most prefer to watch from in hopes that we could group up!
  12. I will miss those teams because of all of my friends that sit around my group who cheer for those teams. I don't think other fans will travel the same way and I don't really care to follow those others teams to be concerned about watching them at a tournament if the Sioux aren't in it. This is why I am up in the air whether to continue attending. With the calibur of our team compared to the others though, I don't see how we would not be in the thing every year though as we already are. I just don't like change and think it is much more entertaining now than it will be again, but I guess ti
  13. I just enjoy all of the more local to Minnesota teams and don't care to see the others as much. I like those rivalries much better.
  14. I haven’t noticed anybody talking about tournament ticket renewal with these new conferences. For people like myself who have been going to the final five for a long time and have great seats, is there going to be a chance to keep those going in whichever conference you choose to still attend? Not sure if I will continue this though because the only team I care about watching would be UND if they are in the tournament. I am not quite sold on spending the money to watch these other teams I don’t care about. At least the final five has some great history and fun teams to watch. It would be fu
  15. Might as well just send us to St. Paul and play the scared gophers. We can also pack that arena as hopefully many Sioux fans have already purchased tickets and will do so. LET'S WEAR AS MUCH SIOUX APPAREL AS POSSIBLE AND MAKE AS MUCH NOISE AS WE CAN TO SHOW THE NCAA THAT THE SIOUX NAME WILL NEVER GO AWAY!!!!
  16. What time is the selection show Sunday and is it on ESPN 2?
  17. I like that plan and may have to go with that!
  18. I used to wear white authentic Nike dazzle on the Thursday night play in game because I was usually the not too out of control and didn't fear stains. I would wear green geometric authentic Gemini dazzle and black authentic Gemini dazzle during day games (throwback) and then switch to Gemini authentics with new logo for the night games. Now my strategy has changed with the format as it did last year and will plan on reversing the order and for sure be wearing the greens on Saturday as part of the green out when even some gopher fans tend to wear green supporting the Sioux in outward appearan
  19. Woops, it says Boston vs. Vermont I guess with my lineup Charter cable
  20. I get it, but the channel lineup lists Michigan/Michigan State then Gophers/Denver. I was excited all day thinking it was the channel that used to be versus that has had some college games, but I guess it is a different CBS.
  21. 01grad


    Can't we still use some Native American design themes within the jersey the keep the history without having a big head dress? I think that would be neat along with a North Dakota inscription or circular logo like the women have.
  22. Mafia that is exactly what I just listed! Have never been to frozen four, but can't let go of this hockey season just yet living so close knowing I could go for the right price.
  23. If you have two that you need to sell, I would be interested. Could meet you in St.Paul/Minneapolis area. Not willing to pay over $80. Really disappointed that the Sioux didn't make it, but still have never been to a frozen four and wanted to see one live.
  24. Business as usual under Hak I guess... I still don't know why we wouldn't have used the bench side we had for the final five as that worked just fine for that championship. Even our name was on the boards on that side.
  25. Don't worry guys I am with you too. My wife is at work and I am now home watching the game alone! I am trying to line up tickets for tomorrow once we come back and win this thing.
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