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  1. If the Sioux are put in the midwest regional and are a #2 seed, would they play in the first or second game? Just checking on this scenario to make sure I can watch the Sioux on television and then cheer against the gophers at Mariucci if they happen to make it in keeping my tickets to the west. If they play in the midwest it would most likely mean they didn't get a one seed and put in the west, so if they were a number two, doesn't the number one seed usually play first to have more time to rest or is it like the final five in that the higher seed or bigger draw plays at night? Thanks
  2. I found the times and dates on a website and thought I would list them for people to plan on either buying regional tickets for the west and hoping to still catch the Sioux on television depending on where they are at or just deciding the best strategy for being able to attend or tune in. I found these on an NCAA website so correct me if they are wrong and have been changed. This will be fun to check from time to time as the bracketology's and other forecasts come out for pairing. All times are central and pm of course! Friday March 27th East-4:00 and 7:30 West-4:30 and 8:00 Satur
  3. There is another take on the brackets and rankings at collegehockeynews.com Interesting how there are so many takes on who will be in and is out. Why doesn't Michigan play in Michigan if the gophers are supposed to be home?
  4. So there is a slim chance that we will play at Mariucci because it would be very unlikely for us to get a #1 seed because we won't be able to crack the top 4 in power and more than likely we will be a #2 seed if we sweep next weekend. If they don't want to put WCHA teams together and Denver would be the top seed, it is looking more like we will be someplace else unless they realize that we will have more fans than Denver and put them someplace else and make us the WCHA team if the gophers don't make it. I guess this is all making sense to me, but it is tough to figure out until everything is
  5. So if the Sioux win the WCHA, do we automatically get a number one seed, thus putting us in the closer regional (Minneapolis) or does Denver get that spot over us because they have a higher overall power ranking?
  6. http://www.gophersports.com/ViewArticle.db...;ATCLID=1599662 Here is the link in case anybody else is interested in getting tickets. You can also call the gopher ticket office if you want. The only thing I am worried about is that we aren't put in this regional and the gophers don't make it because then it might be a tougher ticket to sell. But hey, it is still college hockey and worth watching if the matchups are great!
  7. When will USCHO have their bracketology thing out this week and how accurate is that? Is this what they go by? I had heard somebody else say that Denver would now be put into the West and not North Dakota. Is this right? I thought that as long as North Dakota is in and high in the rankings and the gophers are out, we would be in the West because the NCAA wants money and Denver fans would have to travel further anyway? Just curious.
  8. Well we ended up just buying the tickets. If the gophers do end up making it into the tourney somehow, it won't be tough to sell the tickets if the game times coincide with ours if we are placed in a different regional. There are still many tickets left, so if you are thinking about it there is still time, but it would be really fun if we are there with many Sioux fans! I wonder what the chances would be that we might be there with the gophers just like in Grand Forks and the Holy Cross year?
  9. Thanks for all the help! I will probably buy tickets after this weekend and wait to see how things play out. I guess it isn't that big of a deal buying them and selling them somehow if we need to.
  10. So would they put us in the west ahead of Denver even if they are ahead of us in power because of location as it is now in bracketology?
  11. I really want to buy tickets to the games at Mariucci and I know that it is impossible to speculate whether the Sioux will be there or not, but what would the chances be that it might work out that way? I don't want to buy these tickets and then have us not be there and have to sell the tickets in order to watch our games on television if we are placed somewhere else. Looking at the current pairings from USCHO, it would be fantastic to see the Sioux there with Duluth, but how likely is it to play out this way? Hoping that the gophers keep playing the way they are and don't make it, would we
  12. I just thought this poll would be fun to bring back now that we have so many new people on board now! It was fun looking back at the old names of people who used to post here such as couteaurinkrat, cfm(something) along with many others. I wondered where people disappeared to over the years.
  13. 01grad


    Vandevelde (Trupp, Miller)
  14. I have always thought it makes it more fun when the gophers are there too because of attendance, but I have had enough of them and their fans around us the past few years. It would be fun without them there for once and have more tickets available to others. No gophers this year is fine with me!
  15. I have always wanted to make this trip and have a teacher workshop that day, so I don't need to take off work to leave Friday! If anybody has 2 or 4 they need to sell, please PM or email me I really, really, really want to go with my wife! The only other trip we have been able to make this year was to Duluth for one game. Thanks! 01grad timothy.bergstedt@district196.org
  16. We are going to take Tech to the cleaners this time! We are going to roll into Michigan like a giant snowball and leave even bigger and stronger squashing the competition the rest of the way!!!
  17. This is just simply amazing!!! I have to agree with many others that I didn't think this was possible this season. I never fully doubted them and never turned against them, but what a turnaround! After making road trips to watch them in Duluth and even more recently in Bemidji, this is a completely different looking team from even last weekend. Now, for God sakes keep the lines the same and let's do this!!! Sure it is only one weekend of hockey and there are many things that the Gophers have going against them such as not having Lucia, Stoa, being on the road, etc. but the way the Sioux l
  18. Thanks for the information. I was wondering if a website or somebody may have access to sale start dates for tickets of each school so I could mark it on my calendar to get some good seats. I guess I'll have to be patient, which is tough to do.
  19. I am planning out my road trips for next year and was wondering if anybody can post the dates that schedules are released and tickets go on sale for various schools. Thanks in advance! I am very excited to follow our team again next year and now need to find something to do with all of this spare time now in the offseason.
  20. This is a great website with updated information. It looks like Joe Gleason was the number 1 star for their game today. Just thought people around here might like searching information here.
  21. I guess that just goes to show what you women are always thinking about! Thanks for the replies and sorry I missed the write up on this already. I was just curious to see if they needed to ship it to Grand Forks after we sweep or if it would be there waiting.
  22. Will they have it in Grand Forks or Colorado?
  23. I miss reading the coaches show recap since I am out of the area. Is anybody going to post it anymore now that PCM isn't around anymore for some odd reason? I miss his insight and reading about the things going on behind the scene.
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