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  1. I agree. If we're talking a major conference then home court isn't as important since those conferences usually send several at-large teams to the ncaa tourney. The Big Sky, however, typically (if not always) only gets the conference tourney winner in. I like the drama of a tournament rather than just sending the regular season winner but the regular season winner in a fairly low-level mid-major conference should have an overwhelming advantage in the tournament to make the regular season relevant. I assume the regular season champ would still get a bye so that's some advantage but I thi
  2. Muslims are not our enemy. Those Muslims who have you believing otherwise are just as much an enemy to the vast majority of peaceful Muslims as they are to us. I'm in India right now. Everybody, from the Hindus to the Muslims to the Christians,have been as kind and sweet as I could hope for. Our country does not endorse any religion but rather the notion that all are equal. I for one want to see that notion evolve even more.
  3. They do. We just give more because our GDP is much larger than that of those countries combined. Most countries give what they can after a world crisis. The US received aid from impoverished countries after 9/11. The world is full of generous and wonderful people.
  4. Over the past week or so I've seen a few debates around the value of a hockey championship compared to other accomplishments in college athletics. One argument the anti-hockey crowd (NDSU trolls *clears throat*) is that there are only 59 teams in d1 college hockey so winning it all isn't a big deal. I'm going to discredit this with one simple point: there are 32 or less teams in every major professional team sport in the country. Therefore, by stating a college hockey NC is meaningless using the "only 59 teams" logic, it is implied that every professional championship is even more meanin
  5. I seem to recall a certain abrasive poster on this site saying in another thread that he had tickets in section 126? I could be remembering incorrectly though.
  6. It should be noted Yale beat us the following night.
  7. At any rate...this thread is supposed to be about pwr so I digress. What do the 0, 1 and 2 loss pwr forecasts look like going into this weekend?
  8. Take it easy, friend. The fact is I may have over simplified but your examples still prove my point. In 2007 the HEA had five teams in and still were only represented in 3 regionals. It took the WCHA getting six teams in to gain representation in four conferences and they really had no choice since there were three 2 seeds among those six teams so they have to be in three regionals. That was supposed to be my follow up exception in my reply to my own post but, as you can see, nothing showed up but the quoted text. I believe my point is valid because I've seen too many instances w
  9. This is dead on. As long as there are at least three teams from one conference in the tourney two of those teams will be in the same regional. The committee definitely tries to avoid creating the potential that more than two teams make the FF from one conference. The only way a conference will be represented in three regionals is if that conference gets five or more teams in the tourney.
  10. I've been following this forum for ten years and I think this is actually pretty much par for the course. That's why I haven't posted much in the past few years. Overall, though, this is still the best site for everything UND hockey. I'm ok with skimming over the banter; or occasionally joining in if I'm feeling frisky. The ignore feature has worked for me over the years if you're fed up with a specific poster.
  11. If this your attitude why do you even follow the team? It doesn't sound like you're enjoying this great season. It sounds like you're just waiting for them to fail. Given your perspective you will never find a college hockey team, or coach, to back. They all have to deal with the chaos of the NCAA tourney. Getting there is step one and Hak has never missed it.
  12. Who started this again? This team is on the rise right now and they just need to keep doing what they've been doing for the past two months in order to position themselves for the big dance. Once the tourney starts anything can happen. Hell, we had a Quinnipiac vs. Yale championship last year! Let me say that again: Quinnipiac vs. Yale championship. Can't you bummer inducing folks at least try to enjoy the present, filled with all its excitement and mystery? If we don't win it all this year, which is statistically the case for every single team in the nation, then you can get all over-t
  13. My vote: University of North Dakota Green Go Green!
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