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  1. You guys barf out this line WAY too often. You think BC / BU / Denver / UMD / Minnesota etc don't go after these same guys? Jerry York wins with 2 year guys that want to play pro hockey. No you're right. We should base our entire recruiting philosophy on finding a diamond in the rough and 21 year old freshman.
  2. I'd say the fact that our team speed was spot on with a Hockey East power is a step in the right direction.
  3. We're in the mix, like we are every year and Hak gets little to no credit. I'm hoping he gets #8 this weekend so we can lay this firing nonsense to rest and get people off his back. That said, if we don't win this game against Boston, I sure hope UNO wins the whole thing. It's good for western hockey and our conference if they can win it if not us.
  4. You might want to actually compare Bjorkman's W-L record with Hak's if you think you've got a valid point to make here.
  5. Win and regular season champs #firehak
  6. We have got to sweep against a poor CC team at home. We need to position ourselves to be able to survive a couple road splits further down the schedule.
  7. I expect us to win games against an inferior opponent exhibition or not, regardless of what happened in Wisconsin. I can handle a first half loss to a team like St. Cloud State, Miami, etc but it's a little late in the season to still be looking for whatever this team is missing.
  8. If all you guys are this miserable now, how would you survive a 4 year slide like Minnesota had?
  9. Traditional circle of sticks? Oh Hammer. It's a stick salute.
  10. I think everyone is so used to Hugo's mediocre donuts that they actually believe Tim Horton's to be good, but they're not. If anyone gets to West Fargo, check out Sandy's Donuts.
  11. Mitch over Murphy agreed. I expect a normal transition period between juniors and NCAA but as a 20 year old I didn't expect it to take this long for Murphy. Hopefully he can find a rhythm when he gets back into the lineup.
  12. Sorry traditional Hak haters, this doesn't validate your always constant cries to end his employment. He's made it very clear that if players don't get the message, what the consequences are. They're not 8 years old, they're going to have to take responsibility for their actions at some point.
  13. While I don't disagree there is a bit of hypocrisy on SS.com when it comes to the dark side of sports here, I don't feel like NDSU fans have any basis for coming here and accusing GF Media or UND of a great big cover-up, so remove the tinfoil hats please.
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