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  1. We played down to their level.
  2. We lost this game fair and square.
  3. I thought he was pushed by the d-man.
  4. Puck seems to be bouncing a lot. And out passing and stick handling appears to be effected. It is really breaking up our flow and creating a choppy game.
  5. Knock off the give-aways in front of our own goal.
  6. Nice! 2-2 Way to stick with it, Weatherby!
  7. Stick handling seems awkward tonight.
  8. Somebody needs to tell the boys that the game started already.
  9. Get down to business. Score early and often. Let cobwebs grow in the penalty box. Scheel play like a brickwall. Sweep.
  10. Nobody needs to overthink this! UNO is a solid team and it will take a solid response. UND is a solid team and if they play to their potential, they will win. If we play any less than our potential, we lose. Simple.
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