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  1. I think we need to come off the ledge a bit here. I would love to see this team come up with a win every night but lets be real. We have a new coach a new assistant lots of freshman. Lots of injuries. There are going to be some growing pains while this team tries to figure out its identity. The goalie situation sucks but we knew with tomak (spelling) out that there would be some questions marks. With our third string in the boys need to buckle down in front. Lets see how this plays out before we get to excited about anything
  2. Mine is at least twenty years ago. I can't remember the date but I believe I was 12. Summer hockey camp at the old ralph. Hak was one of the coaches for it and all I remember was him yelling at us to come take a knee at center ice. I skated in and jus before I got there I caught an edge and took hak out from behind. My favorite memory is the first time I saw "the stare" and the fact that he didn't hit me. Which I thought for sure he was going to
  3. so can someone explain this gobc comments I keep seeing there has to be some story behind it
  4. so with all this talk about last season being another that got away fire hak and how many years its been since we last won the big one. So I thought it would be more fun to look to the future. I like most can't wait to start the next season. The beauty about sports is there is always next. Lots of questions for next year. Who leaves early? Who actually comes in? Lines, captains and who will be the breakout player. My take is this could be one of the better freshman classes we have coming in. If zane stays we are back in the frozen four. No clue on lines cause im not actually sure which eligible players will come in and who will wait another year (a little help with that info from SS would be nice). I believe our d core will once again be one of the best in the nation. READY SET GO!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Sioux17

    Hak vs Blais

    My opinion on hak. I think hes great. He just needs to get over the hump and win the big one. TO me its like the old saying win one and he will get a bunch. Look at what he has done with some of his teams. We are always in the hunt for a title. never missed the tourney. I know a lot of people are always saying fire hak but I always remind them of 2012. I didn't think that team would make the dance and they went in as a number one seed. I am not worried about him being fired but a few more years with this success I start to worry about losing him to the pros. #inhakwetrust
  6. who is expected in next year. I assume Jordan will leave and maybe zane. but I can't see another flight risk. With that said which players do we see wearing green next year
  7. Im going to be in phoenix that weekend anyone have any ideas on a sports bar I could go to with the opportunity of running into some Sioux fans? Maybe Az Sioux has an idea
  8. so is there something different if both Alaska schools make the top eight. I heard they would play each other no matter where they fell in the standings
  9. can someone explain the wcha playoff format. I never really looked into it and heard some stories about who plays in the quarter finals and who doesn't
  10. albetrouse ten bucks right next to the building. ran from there with my two year old in my arms in -20 weather last saturday
  11. what are our scenarios for players coming in next year.
  12. is there any way to watch the Canada game online
  13. any webcast for tonight or any other way to watch
  14. where do you find the schedule for this
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