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    Hotel Recommendation for Grand Forks

    Goon. was that you driving by me in Des Moines that honked and stuck your Sioux hat out the window after seeing my Sioux logo on the back of my car?
  2. Anyone else having issues with the NCHC.tv broadcasts? Every game that I watch a replay of or watch live there is a couple seconds of video that is jerky. It happens every couple minutes or so. I’ve tried it on different media devices and on different internet connections and still have the same problem.
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    Wish Mike would have seen this before he left: https://mobile.twitter.com/CycloneFB/status/924720322615504896/video/1
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    former players

    I will never forget the time I went to a Marlies game to see Frattin play. During warm ups I was standing along the glass with my Sioux jersey on. As Frattin skated around the corner he looked up saw my jersey stopped and threw a puck over the glass to me.
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    I'm not sure but thought someone on this forum would be able to verify it.
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    A friend of mine who is a ref in the AHL told me that the linesman for the UND-BU game that called the offsides (same linesman that called the 2016 and 2017) national championship game was actually fired from the NCHC before he was a ref in the B1G.
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    How many times will Melrose refer to Notre Dame as North Dakota....
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    Tucker Poolman

    Schlossman wrote that he isn't convinced that Tucker will play and even picked Boston to win with Tucker out or playing at less than 100%. I hope his pick goes as well as it did last year.
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    Nchctv stream problems

    I watched the archived game from Saturday's game against RPI and there is over half of the 1st period missing. The replay goes from around 15:00 left to around 4:00 left.
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    former players

    Check out Nick sporting ND attire at the :30 mark. http://www.csnchicago.com/video/blackhawks-schmaltz-we-can-get-more-pucks-net
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    We are the champions!!! Finally

    For those in Grand Forks wanting to greet the team coming home at the airport, it looks like their flight (Swift Air flight #5106) lands at 1:57.
  12. Way to go Cam! Only goal you let in was 5x3!
  13. This may help http://www.quinnipiacbobcats.com/news/2016/4/8/mens-ice-hockey-quinnipiac-will-face-north-dakota-for-ncaa-national-championship-on-saturday-apr-9-on-espn2.aspx
  14. I woke up from a nightmare last night. The nightmare was that we were losing 4-0 after the first period.
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    Here comes the Merchandise

    Think they could make a tic-tac-toe goal shirt similar to this one? http://www.cbssports.com/collegefootball/eye-on-college-football/25361104/look-miami-is-selling-t-shirts-commemorating-8-lateral-td-to-top-duke