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  1. SIOUXpucks

    2017 Bracket Challenge

    Yeah, congrats all! Sucky thing....in a work pool I picked a couple of games different than here and ended up with 29 points, using the same scoring system Oh well, at least with that one I won some $$.
  2. SIOUXpucks

    Annual NCHC Play of the Year Tournament

    Vote as many times as you like, as refreshing my browser allowed me to cast a second vote.....not exactly the fairest way to run a poll.
  3. SIOUXpucks

    Early Departures 2016 Edition

    I've heard from someone close to LaDue and LJ both have signed. Best of luck to both of them with their pro careers. Also sounds like Luke's knee is doing better and he may/should be skating again next week.
  4. Image snapped from TV in frame by frame advance of CBSSports slow mo. The slow mo wasn't good enough to really see the puck well, it was a black blur prior to hitting pads, but the circled white smudge does represent the puck, as in the next frame advance, said white smudge shifts upward, after puck had hit off pad. Draw whatever conclusions you'd like from this pick but it looks like it was probably in. Whether or not it would have been conclusive to a reviewer is a whole different matter.
  5. SIOUXpucks

    2014 Pairwise rankings

    Ah, well done. So there are at least a couple of possibilities. I just really hope UND can get the job done themselves. If they don't make it into the tourney it'd be considerably easier to take knowing they at least took care of their own business but other things didn't fall into place.
  6. SIOUXpucks

    2014 Pairwise rankings

    Well, scenarios I've played with suggest it really comes down to UW and UMass-Lowell taking care of business against OSU and UNH respectively. If UND wins we look destine to finish 14 in PWR, which only can accommodate 2 auto-bids from outside the at-large group. Those 2 are already accounted for with Miami and whoever wins the AHA final. As luck would have it, because of outcomes today, Colgate and Mankato are destine to finish above us regardless so the WCHA and ECAC finals seem moot. I don't think there's a scenario that pushes Mankato below us but I've seen us tied with them at 13 and losing out on tie-breaker. The old WCHA Final Five has shown it to be a very difficult thing to win 3 games in 3 days to win the title and I think UW will handle OSU. UML looked real good today and possesses an outstanding goalie so I like there chances too, but one never knows. More than anything, UND themselves need to get the job done, and then we can watch the rest unfold during the evening. Fight on SIOUX!
  7. Anybody else who was frustrated with Brad Shepherd and Todd Anderson's officiating (or lack thereof) against Bemidji can rest assured that we won't being seeing those two again this weekend. We instead will get to see Derek and Marco, who I believe to be an upgrade over those other two.
  8. SIOUXpucks

    North Dakota @ Minnesota

    You can pretty much take it to the bank that it'll be Shep and Hunt.
  9. SIOUXpucks

    Unofficial Sioux Hockey Playlist

    Last year for laser show they used Sandstorm by Darude. This season it's a different song. Anyone know what it is?
  10. SIOUXpucks

    Unofficial Sioux Hockey Playlist

    In the Air Tonight by Phil Collins is used after warm ups on Friday nights when they also cycle the scoreboard video screens through a bunch of old photos and various quotes from historical figures. I personally love sitting there through that and looking at the old photos and reading the quotes as it really makes the Sioux tradition sink it. On Saturday nights they use a U2 song and I can't say I like that nearly as much. The song they play right before the players hit the ice, when they cycle the scoreboard video through player pictures, is Miseria Cantare, as indicated at the start of this whole thread. Love that song too. I can understand that point of view from a purist perspective, but most people with kids probably understand. Ya gotta throw the little ones a bone or two like that to keep them into it and engaged. One would like to think the hockey is enough, but the games get to be real long for them. The Sioux fans of tomorrow are the little tikes of today and I can put up with Spongebob if it helps keep kids happy. Now if only a miracle occurs and somehow they can actually be SIOUX fans. I've spent 5 years brainwashing my son and trying to explain the possible disappearance of the name is tough.
  11. SIOUXpucks

    Unofficial Sioux Hockey Playlist

    That's it, thanks! My son loves the laser light show, but it seems they don't do it as frequently as they used to, and worse yet they don't use as much of the animated skater guy at center ice that he and I like so much Oh well, there's always riding up and down the escalators
  12. SIOUXpucks

    Unofficial Sioux Hockey Playlist

    Great list of songs and pretty comprehensive. I'm wondering what song gets used during the laser light show, it was also used at tonight's Sioux/Gopher game...and electronica type song, very quick tempo, no lyrics.