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  1. I am a lawyer, and while the post seems devoid of anything but gossip, I don't see how it's libelous, and I don't see how the site is in trouble. Lots of BS gets posted here in the form of opinion. I hope NO ONE reading this site thinks everything written is true. 

    The football program could be the "victim" here, but it's not like the owners of the site endorse everything that is written.

    When I read things that involve essentially, "I know someone who goes to UND and she said..." I just stop reading.


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  2. 1 hour ago, UND-FB-FAN said:

    Why not just play all the games in the HPC? I hear the new shiny bleachers are awful fancy ...

    HPC is tremendous for routine practice and access when weather is how it’s been, but is it really designed to replace Alerus Center? C’mon ...

    I understand, but I suspect they are thinking that it's better to pack a small venue instead of going to the Alerus and not coming close to packing it.

  3. 7 hours ago, jdub27 said:

    How many times have you been in the HPC? How many since the new bleachers were installed?

    Oh please, he's the board curmudgeon, thus he has to hate everything all the time whether he knows why or not.

  4. This discussion about crimes committed by players of their own volition is nowhere near the type of allegations being suggested against SU STAFF members. 

    Players can't be controlled 24/7 when out on the town or in their own apartments in Fargo or GF.

    But it's far more serious IF the culture of a team involves the use of PED's or other disallowed substances.

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  5. 7 hours ago, UND-FB-FAN said:

    Incorrect. I would thoroughly assess, which ALWAYS includes both positives and negatives. Sorry you don’t realize the areas of needed improvement. 

    So let me get this straight. IF UND went undefeated 5 years in a row, you'd still need to "thoroughly assess" Bubba as a coach.

    I believe that says it all.

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  6. 44 minutes ago, UND-FB-FAN said:

    I wouldn’t describe the situation as success, especially as “smashing success,” but otherwise I agree there is good potential. 

    WHAT?  You're not happy with the situation?


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  7. 3 minutes ago, nd1sufan said:

    Damn good thing UND isn't good enough to get far enough along in the playoffs to get tested. They had a kid arrested for dealing roids about 3 years ago.  

    Ahhh so it is true and now you have to attack UND. 

    Well played.

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  8. 37 minutes ago, LeftyZL said:

    All I know is that if someone(NDSU) was questioning my honesty and integrity, I’d call a spade a spade. Name the coach if it’s true.

    NDSU is throwing him under the bus and calling him a liar in the article.

    Someone is lying. Time to show your cards.

    I'd say that for now, the kid and his mother are attempting to take the high road and do not want to name names at this time. They know what this would do to the program; they are from small town ND and don't want to be called out for naming names so they are trying hard to get the adults in charge to come forward. Can you imagine the backlash for telling what they know?

    BIson leaders won't come forward. They want to preserve the good will they have in the recruiting world. 

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  9. I'll say this about Robbins. His HS football coach told me that he had to kick the kid out of the weight room at times because that's all he wanted to do.

    I highly doubt he cheated with roids or other supplements on purpose.

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  10. The mom is obviously disappointed in her alma mater. This is not a crank crying out in defense of her son. 

    She KNOWS a staff member gave it to the kid AND OTHERS and the people in charge want NOTHING to do with her. 


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  11. 6 hours ago, Nodak78 said:

    This season the sacks will take a jump and so will the interceptions.  possible a few pick 6.   The defense may even will a game or two by dominating.

    Because of the current RS coming in and advances from the guys who played a lot last year or Pierre and others will play as Frosh?

  12. 9 hours ago, homer said:

    I guess what I was getting at is we still had two huge recruits on campus this week at other positions.  There was more than a QB.  

    I also find it a bit ironic that the fan that is the most vocal in this board about the program needing to have the mentality of not throwing in the towel to NDSU basically threw in the towel to NDSU in a recruit.  I have seen nothing that he committed anywhere.  So yesterday he liked the tweet of a head coach recruiting him.  He still hasn’t committed there.  It’s not over until he commits.  I think there is a lot to sell in this new offense and Danny is a great guy to sell it.  

    So long as Bubba is the coach, that fan will not be happy about anything that happens or doesn't happen.

    If the kid goes to SU, it's time to move on. We agree that Danny wants him, so we want him; nonetheless, he's 18. There's no guarantees on his future skill set whether he commits here or not.

  13. 33 minutes ago, UND1983 said:

    But remember UND offering him a full had nothing to do with them offering a full.  Complete coincidence they went from PWO to FULL.

    Why would they do that? Everyone knows UND is not their rival.

  14. Just now, Hambone said:

    I haven’t listened to the podcast yet but guessing it might be DeOnte Washington based on what I know about kids we might be after.......

    If his name is Washington, I think I would have caught that. They said it twice, but I don't think it was Washington. 

    Is he 250?

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