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  1. 18 minutes ago, fightingsioux4life said:

    I guess this is the reason I am so crabby right now. Seeing what is happening to athletics is hard to swallow, especially since I grew up following our teams and went to school during one of the most successful periods our teams have ever experienced (1993-2000). I have had my fill of NDSU and the Imperial Cass County media machine. The sooner we can punch back, the better.

    I was there 82-90 with a year off in between. Went to many Bison games and we sucked. Saw the Mooney game on TV and that was all the difference in the rivalry. Still have a T-shirt that says 
    "The Fargodome-the Bison built it, the Sioux own it."

    We'd won I don't know how many games there.

    I don't care about anything else except shutting their fat mouths. I'm sick of their sh1t and can't take it anymore. 


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  2. 1 minute ago, SiouxVolley said:

    Schlossman had good points about needing UND game breakers on offense.  Mussman gets slammed here but he recruited Harden and Galloway, the type players that Bubba doesn’t want with his emphasis on ball control and defense.  Need a combo of the two.

    Not sure I'd say, he doesn't want them, but that UND doesn't get them. 

    Cochran looks like that type. One example.

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  3. 4 minutes ago, fightingsioux4life said:

    We need to cultivate more relationships with potential donors not headquartered in Las Vegas. We cannot lean on one family to donate to our programs. Division I is just too expensive not to.

    I really don't want us to become a school with great academics and research and lousy athletics. I honestly don't think we have to choose between one or the other. We can strive for greatness in all three of those areas.

    I agree.

    Can't remember what Saban is getting at Bama, but I recall seeing an article that said that he brings in more than he's paid. That is, students, and research dollars and just the notoriety. 

    UND can do the same. Lots of money going into the Aviation department and rightly so. Need more of that around the campus and especially sports.

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  4. 56 minutes ago, fightingsioux4life said:

    I didn't mention Bubba once in my comments.

    The problem is that we don't have the facilities to compete consistently at the Division I level.

    That falls squarely in the lap of UND's administration, which has provided rudderless leadership for a long time.

    What you saw today, what you have seen over the past several years in other programs on campus, are the natural consequences of this leadership vacuum.

    I agree with that. Very good points.

    Of course, they will say that alums like us should be giving more

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  5. 2 minutes ago, fightingsioux4life said:

    Excuse me, but I never said I cared more than anybody else. But it is a fact that if you pretend there isn't a problem and don't speak up about it, it isn't going to magically go away. What I don't like is the insinuation that I am not a "real" fan because I have the nerve to point out what is wrong and why it needs to be fixed before anything will change for the better. This whole Pollyannish attitude of "support the coaches and players and be positive all the time" may make people feel better, but it won't fix what is wrong. And what is wrong is a lack of leadership at the top of UND's administration.

    The implication is always there. No ONE on this board is satisfied with what is happening now. NO ONE.

    The fact that we all don't call for the coach's head doesn't mean we don't care, nor does it mean you and others care more. We understand the situation and don't like it. But please tell me you understand that a new HC doesn't automatically bridge the gap between us and them. 

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  6. 1 minute ago, iramurphy said:

    This game was a huge measuring stick for where we are and we didn’t measure up. We aren’t a complete team right now offensively, defensively or special teams. I doubt your disappointment and concern is greater than mine or others. I thought we could be more competitive by now but today’s game is over. We need to focus on the upcoming game and we need to improve in a number of areas. We all have our own style and manner which if different than yours is not indicative of complacency. We aren’t going to make coaching changes before the end of the season so, to me, that discussion is fruitless unless I’m speaking to the decision makers. In the meantime, these coaches have my full support until they resign or until the end of the season whichever comes first. The Bison are pretty good right now.  Unless we improve each week we are mediocre at best. I expect us to improve each week. If we don’t, you will need to stand in line to demand changes. My friends, alumni that I know, and former players expect excellence. I can’t play anymore, I can’t coach anymore, so until the time is right I can keep attending games, donating what I can and offer my support.  These coaches are subject to the measuring stick I have applied to subordinate staff in the past. Are we better off with them or without them?  That question must be answered at the end of each season. Until then, Go Hawks. 

    I've stopped being surprised that some think they care more than the rest of us. We all want this football team to be successful. We all want playoffs, but because we don't constantly bi&th about it,  some posters here take it that we don't  care. Today sucked and the team sucked and it reminds me of the 80s when I went to UND and the team sucked and I'm sick of it.

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  7. 2 hours ago, UND-FB-FAN said:

    Couldn’t stop the NDSU QB running game at key moments. Poor tackling like some said. Disappointing.

    und offense also too inconsistent. Timing was off with Zimmerman and receivers, which is expected I guess considering it’s Zimmerman's first start. UND running game never got going. 

    All in all, this game was worst case scenario for UND minus any major injuries. 

    Damn, Damn, Damn

    oh, and screw the bison. 

    UND and Bubba have a lot of work to do. 


    Rudy got lots of flack and for good reason. For at least the last 2 years and NOW , the D simply can not figure out how to stop a running QB. Yet the D coordinator is deemed a god around here.

  8. 2 minutes ago, UNDColorado said:

    Agreed. If Schuster is better then so be it but would really like to keep the shirt on him. I hope Zimmerman gets after it!

    Hoping we don't need to use him. Zimm has a career day, get the W and start the march to the playoffs.

    And after the game, I find me a nice Brazilian supermodel who has a thing for balding middle aged men with commitment issues.

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  9. 50 minutes ago, OgieOgilthorpe said:

    UNDs opening kick was caught on their 12 yard line and returned past the 30. Another kick went out of bounds. Punt team had several guys taking the wrong blocks which didn’t result in a blocked punt, but it will definitely be noticed by NDSU during film. Coverage seemed good but not swarming, and all 3 kickers were on and off. Seeing inconsistencies with our kickers and blocking schemes definitely counts as shaky in my book. 

    I believe only one KO threatened to reach the end zone, too.

  10. 3 hours ago, SIOUXFAN97 said:

    if ketts injury is "only 2-3" weeks does bb go back to qb for those weeks or just go with at wr for good?


    I think so.

    I liked Grover's TD run. Crazy elusive 

  11. 2 hours ago, geaux_sioux said:

    And he averaged 9.5 wins/year there. Too loud and Italian for them folk though. 

    And I believe Frost is making them relevant again AND they get to play in the non-OSU, non-Michigan division of the Big Ten.

  12. 11 minutes ago, Mama Sue said:

    So the morning paper has an article by David Sharma, reprinted from the Forum. It covers the Juice U game against Butler on Saturday at Target Field ( first D1 football game at Target FIELD). So he states  “Whether the Bison could week after week win games against Big 10 and Big 12 teams is an argument for another day, but a college football authority told Sports Headliners the passionate NDSU fan base thinks so. They believe they can beat ‘Bama!”

    the bigger they are the harder they fall.

    I get the exuberance of winning national titles, but to think they could compete with the HUGE boys is mind boggling. But if you they wanna try, I wish them well. (Not really)

    Oh, and the standard maybe needs to be Clemson, not Bama.

  13. 3 hours ago, gundy1124 said:

    If Bubba gets fired after this year it's probably because Danny was worse than Rudy, so put Danny as an HC candidate???

    Anyway, it's not possible for Danny to be worse than the past 5 years, so no worries,  Fruend will right the ship!!

    Unless O does great, but the D and ST's don't do their job to the extent the team goes 6-5 and misses playoffs and they let Bubba go. Then Danny is the top candidate.

  14. 7 hours ago, UND-FB-FAN said:

    Oh, and one final thing; let's see how Danny Freund does as OC, like I said. A breakout performance by him as OC (and, of course, most importantly his offensive players) would do wonders for the projection of UND football. 

    Agreed. AND...IF...it's the end of Bubba, he becomes a HC candidate?

  15. 1 hour ago, UND-FB-FAN said:


    Bubba has been the head football coach for 5 seasons at the University of North Dakota. We can therefore assess that. Whether you agree with it or not, folks directly outside the program are sometimes able to come to a logical conclusion. Minimizing everyone on here with an interest and thought is not effective rationalization. This is, in fact, an open forum.

    I agree in that let’s see how UND does this season, but Bubba over the past 5 seasons has gone 30-29 (basically the same win % as what he had in 4 seasons at Minn-Duluth, coincidence or the law of averages?). 

    If Bubba is immune to critical assessment via high expectations by UND’s athletic department, then that would have me the most worried of all. 

    DISCLAIMER: Right now, I have complete faith in Danny Freund’s ability to right the ship. 

    And the other DISCLAIMER is that you wanted Bubba fired last year.

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  16. 9 hours ago, nd1sufan said:

    Lance learned from Stick and Hedberg and goes up against a much better defense that UND can throw at him everyday in practice that will give him every look you can imagine with better athletes. I don't think the almighty DC Schmidt that couldn't stop a backup QB at UNA last year in the biggest game of the season will fluster Lance into the fetal position like you are suggesting.

    It wasn't just the UNA QB last year. ANY QB with two legs was able to get a 3rd down conversion at will.

  17. 2 hours ago, geaux_sioux said:

    Yes, I believe it does. From the sideline the players can feel the energy of the fans. When a team makes one mistake and the fans react with the “here we go again” groan it deflated people. NDSU is a great example. Their fans are over the top with expectations of greatness.

    That makes sense during a game.

    I go to games anticipating good things and am hopeful. 
    Sitting behind a keyboard after a crappy day at the offense may influence how I feel here and effect how optimistic I am about the team. 

  18. Just now, geaux_sioux said:

    I actually think expectations of fans are just as important. Look at fan bases that expect success, they usually have teams that achieve. It’s kind of a chicken or the egg situation.

    Does our collective expectation seep into the locker room? Can it be felt by the coaches? I'd agree that a healthy crowd greeting the players as they hop off the bus pre-game may give some signal of fan expectations and interest, but I'd have to be convinced it affects their game effort.

  19. 11 minutes ago, JohnboyND7 said:

    Miller Lite. Every other beer is a waste of time.

    This could be the comment I disagree with most on this Forum.

    Currently having a Deschutes Da Shoots. So good. 

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  20. 8 minutes ago, sioux24/7 said:

    One notable name missing from the roster: Caleb Nelson. 

    Where can I find the Media Guide? I went to the UND site. Found rosters but no media guide.

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