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  1. 3 hours ago, Sioux>Bison said:

    I hope the team is taking off soon. 1-3 ft of snow projected for the region. Maybe they will bus out tonight and leave from a less wintery location tomorrow. 

    I wouldn’t want to be a farmer, rancher or hunter in those areas. Harvest is already behind and very wet.

    Saw on Twitter they charter out tomorrow. 

    God and weather permitting.

  2. 7 hours ago, TBR said:

    One could argue that top level talent doesnt want to play in North Dakota, but then one would have to explain away the success of NDSU. 

    That's the ultimate issue with recruiting. 

    You're a kid living in a significantly better climate than ND. You are good at football. If you decide to play in ND and suffer the hellish weather for 6 months of the year, do you go to the school that hasn't won a playoff game or the one that has won 6 titles. 

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  3. In light of the current salary structure and the sad truth that this is not the top job in our state much less conference, who would really want it? 

    I agree that it's important to nab an SU assistant to become a coordinator.

  4. Just now, Fry Bread said:

    Can point a lot of fingers in different directions. 

    All I’ll say is I started drinking at the beginning of the 4th quarter and by the end of the game I was hammered. 

    Not sure where I I was going with this?

    Same. Not sure where this is going, but I still don't feel better about this program.

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  5. 8 minutes ago, Oxbow6 said:


    That totally disproves my point.

    Carry on.

    He apparently wasn't good enough to come here. As in, not as good as the guys they usually recruit. Like the ones today.

  6. 8 hours ago, SkoHawks said:

    “The next two weeks are not season-defining but are important, nonetheless.  The Eagles are ranked #11 in the country and the following week UND gets #4 UC-Davis at home for Homecoming.“ -UNDFB360


    I see nothing about this quote that even gives any expectations.  Whether we go 2-0, 1-1, or 0-2, there's still a lot of season to be played thus it's not season-defining.  Can't get too high or too low.  They just say it's important, which they are, even if you expect to win them.  I have as high of expectations as anyone, it's time for deep playoff runs, not just to make the playoffs.  Find me whatever combination of coaches/players it takes to achieve this.  Until it happens, I'm still gonna cheer this team on week in and week out.

    I'm guessing you're part of the problem too.

    PS-I didn't see anything about the quote. They are NOT season defining any more than the Bison game was. It's a true statement. 

    But I'm part of the problem with my low expectations too.

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  7. 56 minutes ago, Kab said:

    I was under the impression that if you break the law there are consequences 

    ‘I believe minors would be treated that way too

    too much emphasis put on drinking at tailgating

    i talked to a couple  students at the game that could hardly walk no,less drive, they were 21

    its not worth looking the other way just to get students at the game 

    I agree that we shouldn't condone it, and if a kid is like the ones you saw who couldn't walk, they shouldn't be at the game. But I enjoyed a few before the game when I was that age. Didn't seem to have the cop presence at old Memorial but maybe my memory is fuzzy.

  8. 1 hour ago, SIOUXFAN97 said:

    wanna have more students ACTUALLY go into the game?  remove the 50/50 chance that they get a minor from the Gestapo if they have even had one sip outside tailgating?

    they aint taking the risk...

    There was a significant police presence this week. Has it always been like that? I guess I never realized 6 or more cops were there before.

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  9. 3 hours ago, the green team said:

    It was good to see a game out that we seemed destined to give away.  There have been the Idaho States and others where you left the building so completely deflated.  I wasn’t leaving euphoric, but maybe I left with a wry smile, knowing we survived.   Sometimes a team just needs to do that in the season.

    Two things that I noticed.  Our snaps with are quarterbacks in the gun, are all over the place.  Typically low, but really not at all consistent. I think it at times as had a negative effect in the timing of certain plays...especially rpo’s.   That has got to be a concern moving forward.

    Secondly, I’ve noticed with our QB’s that when they miss with a pass, they miss high a lot. Zimmerman, did early in the game and so did Schuster.  I understand we tall receivers and up in the air should be where they have the advantage but often times these where even too tall for our WRs to get.  Missing high too much is going to eventually end up being a deflection off our receivers hands and an INT.  I see it in all levels of football all the time.

    I’m going to enjoy the win.  I’m still excited, because I still think this team can get way better.  Of course last  year the team didn’t really get better as the season went on...it may have even regressed.  But I’m an optimist, I’m hoping this team can keep on improving through finish line.  If they do that, it should put them in a pretty good spot at seasons end.

    As to the QBs missing high, gotta think the kid was full of adrenaline and just amped up on some of those. Also, agree that the OL did well most of the game in protection, but at times Tommy had to get rid of it fast. That may have caused some of those high passes too.

  10. 7 hours ago, bincitysioux said:

    Overall, I'd say the Defense is definitely the main asset of this team through the three games.  

    D-Coordinator Eric Schmidt called a damn good game  today against SHSU.  Very opportunistic with forcing turnovers from the beginning, and getting off the field in key moments.  We were in the backfield all day it seemed, which is awesome.  Obviously the D won the game in the end.

    My main criticism of the D over the past two games is that 3rd and long seems to be kryptonite to this squad!  Especially defending the mobile QB.  Running QBs aren't going away so that needed to be addressed.

    The D line is performing better than I expected.  The linebacker corps has been outstanding.  And the secondary is as good as I've seen in recent memory.  It's  been so good that I haven't really noticed Evan Holm's absence yet.

    CJ Siegel has especially really stood out to me, as well as Donnel Rogers and Jaxson Turner.

    . The bold part is, as you put it, their kryptonite. It's been kryptonite for years.

    Imagine a D that does all that it does, AND stops the running QB on 3rd down. Just so deflating to get a 3rd and long only to have a mobile QB run through the D many times without being touched for 7/8 yards.

  11. 1 hour ago, tnt said:

    Wow, if so, that was a poor decision.  Seems odd because it seems he fair catches almost every punt.

    Guy sitting behind me thought he was simply following instructions from the sideline. That he was NOT to touch that ball for fear of a fumble.

  12. 5 hours ago, SiouxAlum09 said:

    And if we are going to get into deep thinking, processing speed is huge on defense as well.  They watch film all week on their keys and can identify things when they watch back the film a million times, but then to be able to read a key and appropriately process that key and react in a game situation is huge as well.  Anyone can identify tendencies in a film room, it's the special ones that can identify them in a game and react accordingly under the pressure of a game situation.  Wow, some great conversation spawned from whether or not we think this recruit is fast enough for the MVC, good stuff!

    And it's why I asked the question: Figured people smarter than me would know.

  13. 10 hours ago, UNDBIZ said:

    The guys over at 360 have compared Kelley to Noah Larson, which is pretty high praise, imo. 

    Watched his Hudl and he hits a guy, the guy goes backwards. 

    Is he fast enough for MVC?

  14. 18 minutes ago, fightingsioux4life said:

    I guess this is the reason I am so crabby right now. Seeing what is happening to athletics is hard to swallow, especially since I grew up following our teams and went to school during one of the most successful periods our teams have ever experienced (1993-2000). I have had my fill of NDSU and the Imperial Cass County media machine. The sooner we can punch back, the better.

    I was there 82-90 with a year off in between. Went to many Bison games and we sucked. Saw the Mooney game on TV and that was all the difference in the rivalry. Still have a T-shirt that says 
    "The Fargodome-the Bison built it, the Sioux own it."

    We'd won I don't know how many games there.

    I don't care about anything else except shutting their fat mouths. I'm sick of their sh1t and can't take it anymore. 


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  15. 1 minute ago, SiouxVolley said:

    Schlossman had good points about needing UND game breakers on offense.  Mussman gets slammed here but he recruited Harden and Galloway, the type players that Bubba doesn’t want with his emphasis on ball control and defense.  Need a combo of the two.

    Not sure I'd say, he doesn't want them, but that UND doesn't get them. 

    Cochran looks like that type. One example.

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