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  1. 1 hour ago, Stockdamhockey said:

    No obsession. Trust me. Its just that you are not fit to assess Eric Schmidt in anything, let alone football. Stick to what you know. Then crawl behind your little Aaron Rodgers moniker. I'm sure you have the day off from school like all the other middle schoolers. Here come the mods: don't attack the posters even when they are full of sh*&

    Who among us is "fit" to assess any coach?

    But it's done all the time here. 

    As for Schmidt, did you see the stats listed early in this post? Is it really just players' fault the D can't stop the opposition on 3rd down or is it more than that?

  2. On 10/13/2019 at 7:25 PM, bincitysioux said:

    So I have been railing on the defense all season for how it has performed in 3rd down situations.  Perusing through the season stats, we are allowing conversions on 3rd down about 36% of the time.  That would place us 6th in the Big Sky in that department if we were still officially members of the league.  Not great, not horrible, but middle of the pack (which it is looking like we would be in a lot of categories in the Big Sky this year).

    But out of boredom, I dove a bit deeper into the stat sheets today, game by game.  If you define "3rd and Long" situations as 3rd and 7 or more yards, well then it is pretty ugly if you ask me.

    We are now over halfway through the season, and so far North Dakota is allowing a whopping 54% conversion rate in 3rd and Long situations.  To me, that is so demoralizing to the team (and fans!) when the opponent converts in those instances.  At home games especially, the crowd gets pretty amped up and the Alerus gets loud when we stuff the RB on 1st down and then sack the QB on 2nd down.  But then the when they complete a 10 yard pass on 3rd down to reset the sticks, the whole environment just deflates.

    To put that number of 54% into perspective, the UND defense is allowing a 50% conversion rate on 3rd and 2 or less!  So really opposing teams are finding themselves in a better situation against North Dakota if it is "3rd and Long" vs. "3rd and Short".  

    I believe there have been at least two conversions by the opposition on 3rd and 20 or more.  That is just as bad as a turnover in my book.

    The other thing that struck me while pouring over the stats and drive charts was the seemingly high number of possessions that opponents have had against us where UND didn't even force a 3rd down.  

    Our defense can be fun to watch at times.  It is high risk, high reward.  Everybody loves interceptions, sacks, and TFL.  But in the end, it isn't getting the job done.  Honestly, it's been a liability since the 2016 season, and has cost North Dakota just as many games as the much maligned "Rudy-Offense".  

    Schmidt's defense has given up 28 or more points in the first half of each of the last 3 games.  


    Great job on the research.

    Sad, sad results.

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  3. 8 hours ago, siouxfan512 said:

    I just hope they all stay when Bubba gets canned.

    That's a very good point and one that needs consideration.

    The last couple of groups have provided hope. That includes this class. Hard to see them staying if the guy in charge is gone.

  4. 4 minutes ago, Kab said:

    Stay away from anything from ndsu

    there are plenty out there

    thats what we pay Chaves for 


    I don't get this sentiment at all.

    How many of Nick Saban's assistants are HC's somewhere else? He played against one yesterday, Jimbo Fisher. Kirby Smart at Georgia and others have been successful. Same for Urban Meyer and his coaching tree which includes the Texas coach, Herman.

    Picking from a successful program seems to make sense.

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  5. 1 minute ago, Longtime fan said:

    Danny doesn’t have any HC background. Barely has OC background.  Not saying at one point he couldn’t become a nice HC candidate but not now.  Und needs a qualified winner ...whether it’s naia, d2 or d1.  It starts with the Und brass.  If und is committed to getting a qualified HC they need to “show me the money” .   Bubba  and mussman have been easy hires.  Pay bottom barrel  because they both wanted to be here.  Cheap cheap cheap.   Nothing to do with accolades.   

    By the same token, we'd take an SU coordinator any day. And each of their last two hires was the DC (though I'm not sure if either had any HC experience).

  6. 1 minute ago, SiouxHawkGuy said:

    Honestly, I'd rather him stay at OC and have an outside hire. 

    I understand, but a new guy coming in almost ALWAYS has his own guys at the coordinator spots. Danny is young, energetic, I bet he's a great recruiter. Brings a lot to the table.

  7. 4 minutes ago, Longtime fan said:

    Let’s lay it to rest. He’s incapable.  


    Whats your thoughts? 

    If he's gone, I'd want Danny. The O in general has been so much better and earlier this week one of the more discouraged posters noted that "Danny got his QB" so you hope to see that work out. 

  8. 11 minutes ago, Longtime fan said:

    At what point does the Und brass seriously make a decision on bubba.  Bubba is great guy and bleeds Kelly green ....just not worthy to head coach.  Do they let him ride out his contract ?  Finish him tonight?  Let him go to years end than bye bye?   Do nothing...everything is fine ? 

    Earlier this year most of the posters here agreed that IF the team made the playoffs and got at least one W, Bubba was coming back next year.

    They COULD run the table, make the playoffs and get that W.

    Still saying he's out? If that happens?

  9. 1 minute ago, Longtime fan said:

    I mentioned a few weeks ago und is recruiting D2 talent.  Look at unds 06 team.  Maag would be the only starter from this years offense to crack the 06 teams starting lineup. 

    Bubba is just bubba things.  Never changes. I’ve been stoned for speaking about it.  Rinse and repeat. 

    I cannot imagine the embarrassing results when they enter the mvfc. 

    Although he got hammered, Maag dropped a TD pass that many receivers catch.

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