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  1. 47 minutes ago, AJS said:

    Let's start taking a look at different positional groups. Offensively as we all know, it starts on the O-Line. Every positional group is clearly important, but this is the one that has the biggest trajectory on the success of either unit. 

    Couple questions: How would you grade their performance last year? What are the realistic expectations for next year?

    My take: They were the #1 concern coming into last year and I think it's safe to say they exceeded expectations. My overall grade would be a C+. They dominated against weaker competition, seemed to falter like the rest of the offense at the end of the year. I don't know how much of that can be attributed to (1) Terrible QB play (2) Play calling - tough to look good when teams can stack the box. Anyways...


    Tackle: They return 3 players who are "starters".

    • Mortel (JR): Only played two games, because of injuries, but was their #1 Tackle starting the year. When healthy, he's a rock solid LT.
    • Helgren (JR): Started every game but one at RT, first year starter.
    • Waletzko (SO): Started 5 games as a True Freshman, first year starter. 

    Others: Russo (JR), played in a few games. Who are some others to watch? I feel good about the 3 guys who started last year, is Russo ready to take the next step? The tackle position was young last year, no upperclassman. They have a solid core coming back, if those three can improve and you get another player or two in the mix, this could be a talented, deep group.

    Guards: Lose one Senior, return 2 players who are "starters"

    • Tobin (JR): Two year starter, solid LG
    • Nguon (JR): Although he was used mostly as a tackle, he can play all positions and will be used as a Guard this upcoming year. 

    Others: Hergel (RFR), Who are some others to watch? 


    • Rooney (SR): Started every game last year.

    UND has 6 Offensive lineman returning that either played or have played (Mortel) enough reps that we know what to expect. It's a solid nucleus and given their age (5 of the 6 underclassman last year), there is a lot of room for growth. Is this the first year of the D1 era that they can have what I would "true depth". That would mean 4 players who aren't true returners to fill the depth chart (2 G's, 1 T, 1 C), who are ready to step in when injuries happen and they can hold their own. 

    My expectation is for this group to take a step forward. They should grade out at a minimum of a B after next year.


    I know I've mentioned them before, but Jenkins and Jeffries have size. Apparently that's it??

  2. 10 minutes ago, UNDBIZ said:

    It's nonsensical to me that a NG isn't on that list of positions we're waiting on recruits for. Really hope the staff has a plan that doesn't entail starting a 250 pounder. 

    Gotta think that by the Feb signing, they will be all over a drop down/JUCO NG.

  3. 20 hours ago, Sioux>Bison said:

    You are right Les Miles was a horrible coach with a shotty record. His national championship was just a fluke as his coaching had nothing to do about it. 

    Im flabbergasted that some of you think Klieman is a better coach that Miles. Klieman has proved nothing at the FBS level and to say Miles record in the best conference in FBS was poor is seriously delusional.

    Miles was a fine coach at LSU. He's a fine coach now but at Kansas. BIG difference. 

    HE was not creative with the O at LSU. Lacking that at Kansas will NOT win games. You're going with the name. 

    Plus, if there were a playoff, I doubt that LSU team that "won the title" would have beat USC among others that year.

  4. 6 hours ago, Sioux>Bison said:

    Still can’t understand this: KU hires Les Miles and KSU hires Klieman. How does this make any sense?

    ksu fans are pissed because 1. He is a FCs coach and 2. He is finishing out the season in Fargo

    i would be pissed if that was my new coach. On a side note the steaming turd team makers is holding a vigil outside Kliemans house in Fargo. So sorry for their loss.

    I"ll bet that Klieman at KSU over the next 5 years will be better than Miles at Kansas. 

    Miles got canned at LSU as his offense was as creative as UND"s over the past few years. That works at LSU for awhile when you can get great players on D to keep you in games. He does the same O at Kansas and it won't be close-Klieman will have more W's over next 5 years.

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  5. 54 minutes ago, Oxbow6 said:

    Yup. Average people cheer for average outcomes because they do not know anything different. Guess we know which feet the shoes fit here.

    I've already said if the team doesn't make the playoffs next year, I'm joining you guys on the Bubba must go bus.

  6. I stuck a nerve.

    There are those who want Bubba fired. In order to get their wish the team has to lose at least 4 games next year. 

    Losing = Bubba gone.  

    Bubba gone = their wish.

  7. 10 hours ago, Longtime fan said:

    You are on to something Caption obvious. The last month was a disaster....agree?  Does disaster in your books equate to bitching?  

    Do you really think fans want to bitch?   Do you think they bitch to  bitch?  Or would they prefer a winner and be happy?  Are the fans bitching because und is successful or because they are 49% winning percentage at the D1? 




    Not only do I believe you and others LOVE to bitch, but deep down inside some hope the team loses so they have more ammo to bitch about.

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  8. 55 minutes ago, MafiaMan said:

    Using your logic, Bud Grant was a terrible coach.

    Not at all. He was a very good coach. 

    I think Hak was a very good coach, but just couldn't win the BIG one. Not sure why, but the record speaks for itself.

  9. 7 minutes ago, MafiaMan said:

    By the same token, if Tommy Lasorda wasn’t manager of the Dodgers, the Kirk Gibson home run would have never happened.  Ditto for Chuck Knoll of the Steelers and the “Immaculate Reception.”  

    Using your football analogy, Hak was the Bud Grant of college hockey. 

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  10. Just now, MafiaMan said:

    By the same token, if Tommy Lasorda wasn’t manager of the Dodgers, the Kirk Gibson home run would have never happened.  Ditto for Chuck Knoll of the Steelers and the “Immaculate Reception.”  

    Some guys have "it" and some don't. I think it's unfair and frankly it sucks for those who are good to great coaches, but for whatever reason they just don't get the breaks. I just looked at the Hak record- tough, tough losses in the Final Four. The Michigan game will always be the one that sticks with me. Snake bit from start to finish.

  11. 3 minutes ago, MafiaMan said:

    I’m pretty much in agreement with you.  If Schmaltz’s rebound bounces off the post and DU goes on to win the 2016 semi-final in OT, I’d almost imagine Berry being dismissed at the upcoming Christmas break. 

    But it didn't. 

    If Hak was coach, it would have bounced off the post. He just was snake-bit and if he was the Coach there'd be no Natty. Period.

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  12. 3 hours ago, SIOUXFAN97 said:

    part of being nervous about danny being oc....what part of his job as wr coach the last few years has he shown excellence in...the wr's across the board are average at best.

    I'd argue Wanzek was the best player on the offense last year. Wasn't highly recruited and has become a very nice WR.

  13. 7 hours ago, UNDBIZ said:

    Article is 16 months old, but relevant.  One other thing noted in the article I found pretty crazy was this:

    Now we seem to burn a few redshirts every year.

    Is that a UND thing or do you think many schools are doing that?

  14. Just now, Oxbow6 said:

    I agree.......will be Bubba's 6th year. Missing the playoffs again and he has to go. 

    If it's not a horrible injury year like last year, I'm with you and will join the chorus calling for a change.

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