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  1. I agree. But our trend line is worse than theirs. We will be a SH...show.
  2. Look at the graph of cases in Italy and you'll see the US is trending almost the same if not worse than there. They are in a societal lockdown. People staying only in their homes. Rome is a ghost town.
  3. Which is why this is so serious.
  4. We don't. Flu has a vaccine. THIS...IS...NOT...THE...FLU!
  5. NO...but he has it; everyone knows he has it; he's the first to have in ND. That's not the kind of notoriety I'd want.
  6. If we want to avoid what's happening in Italy, we actually have to do what's happening in Italy. 2 weeks of effective personal isolation. Go to the pharmacy for pills; let the elderly get their grocery early in the day before others get to the stores and that's it.
  7. We know social distancing is the best way to flatten the peak of this. I understand the effects this has on parents who won't have daycare, but the entire society needs to take a break from each other for awhile anyway.
  8. It's far better to be overly cautious in these times. Shutting down schools for a week or even a month could save numerous lives and stop the spread of the virus.
  9. CDC recommends shutting down all 50 plus gatherings
  10. SD and MN are closing and ND should too.
  11. Are any recruits leaving? Are any current players transferring? Will all wait for the new coach to be hired?
  12. I like him too. If I were a betting man (and I am) I'd say it's Schuster out of spring ball.
  13. Best game I've seen in years. Great unselfish passing to set up lots of scoring opps.
  14. Wait...wait...if GF Hockey doesn't announce it, I can't believe it.
  15. shep

    2020 FB Recruiting

    Agree very much with this analysis. Whether they are transfers, Jucos or 18 year old kids, this program needs great players.
  16. Yes to this. The best player in FCS is a freshman QB. Why can't UND have a great Frosh QB?
  17. Joe Brady, who coached Burrow at LSU this year is now headed to the Panthers. He and Stoops may argue about who the best QB coach in the country is.
  18. Do they stick with a 3-4 with a new coordinator? If not, can the current roster accommodate it?
  19. I like the grinder better than Red Pepper. If you're going just for pizza, I can't tell you how it is there.
  20. shep

    2020 FB Recruiting

    Unfortunately for them, the D players have NOT followed the QB's there.
  21. shep

    Lowell Schweigert

    May he rest in peace. May God provide comfort to his loved ones in this time of sorrow.
  22. God bless Hunter and his doctors with a successful surgery and a full recovery.
  23. Shannon's work on the Tailgate Show has nothing to do with Bubba's hiring or contract. It has nothing to do with who the football coach is. I assume IF Bubba was not the coach he would still be involved in public media.
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