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  1. Their line is dominating our line, story of the game. They are beating us with an fb dive.
  2. Former conference foe, EWU, up on the Jayhawks by 8pts at the half.
  3. Good win for ORU and the Summit!
  4. Way too much overthinking on this. As someone else said, caste a new nickel, replacing the Indian head with a Hawk. Simple, easy, keeps tradition. I know there is not currently a coin like this in circulation, but so what. Maybe the schools can get a commemorative Nickle going and make some money off ot it.
  5. Any connection between Chaves and Kallhoff?
  6. That's pretty crazy to think the Summit could be a three bid league. Again, I don't follow WBB very closely so I'm not sure if the power conferences dominate the rankings/tournament selection as much as MBB does. It would be great to get the Men's conference to that level. The only way I see that happening is by displacing mid major such as the MVC. Maybe in time that could happen? Lots of dollars would need to be invested by a majority of the schools though.
  7. Still, ranked #21 in the country and lose to lower level Summit team in the quarterfinals is pretty crazy. I’d have to think they will still make the tourney but really don’t follow WBB closely enough to know if that loss will keep them out.
  8. I saw now that Omaha knocked off the Jacks? How does that happen? Will the Jacks still make the tourney, meaning two Teams from the Summit?
  9. Would this guy be an option? https://csurams.com/sports/womens-basketball/roster/coaches/rico-burkett/715
  10. Masks on when not in seat is about 95%. In seat, about 60% are wearing...at least where I sit.
  11. We do have a Trey coming...but let’s enjoy Tommy/Quincy first. now go beat the Yotes!
  12. I sure hope I can find a way to to watch the USD game in Mexico...
  13. I would prefer the Bunnies have their best effort. That's a more accurate measuring stick as to where UND is then it would be if the bunnies took us lightly.
  14. Thanks, didn't even think to look at the two deep.
  15. Has there been an update on Boltman? Last I heard it was most likley a few weeks that he would miss, but was hoping he could be back this week or next.
  16. Not much situational awareness the last minute or so.
  17. I may have missed it, but what was decided with tailgating/parking? I know there is no tailgating but are we able to still park in our spots? I never received parking passes, not sure if anyone else did? If we renewed, will it go to next year?
  18. I would hope the usher's use common sense. If a family is sitting together, with no one else within six feet, and they aren't receiving a complaint, they need to let it go. I plan to go to the game, I will bring my mask and use when needed (ie going to the bathroom, consessions, etc). Otherwise I will sip a drink throughout the game. If there are people outside of my four tix, that are uncomfortable with that, I will work it out/Go sit somewhere else since it sounds like there will be plenty of options). The usher's don't need to police unless they are getting complaints about it.
  19. UND's website has the 20-21 media guide posted. Not sure if it's the updated depth chart, but they do have one posted on page 42. https://fightinghawks.com/documents/2021/2/11/2020_21_MediaGuide.pdf
  20. The game with Kansas State has been rescheduled. https://fightinghawks.com/news/2021/2/10/football-north-dakota-kansas-state-agree-to-reschedule-game-to-2025.aspx
  21. Nice job by the guys this weekend. anyone know why G didn’t play any minutes this weekend? Was it matchup issues? Injury?
  22. That was a fun game to watch. Great to see Panoam with a big game. A few Bad turnovers, but He really stepped up on offense. Igbanugo had a nice game as well. Complete effort. Hopefully this team is figuring out who they are.
  23. Head coaching position is posted. Chaves says Mallory can apply if she so chooses. I wouldn’t think they would have to post it if they were planning to offer it to her, or would they? Not sure how an interim being offered the full time gig would have to play out. Anyone else with some insight? https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/basketball/6885338-UND-posts-job-opening-for-head-womens-basketball-coach
  24. A nice article on Panoam in the Herald today. He's the kind of kid you want to have on your team. Glad he's finally get an opportunity and taking advantage of it. https://www.grandforksherald.com/sports/basketball/6878403-From-the-sand-dunes-of-Anchorage-Bentiu-Panoam-uses-Alaskan-roots-to-find-success-in-UNDs-starting-lineup
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