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  1. This topic has been discussed many times before as couteaurinkrat stated. I happend to be at Dagwoods following the game on Saturday. I was fortunate enough to be sitting next to one of the football coaches. I asked him if he had any info on a possible move to D1...He stated he doesn't see it happening any time soon. He said our President doesn't think the money is there to support a move. I also asked him his thoughts on the Alerus possibly hosting the DII championship in football. He said that Florence does a heck of a job in rolling out the red carpet for teams and fans and it would
  2. The person who sold me tix at the Al today said tix sales are good. He said that the student tix hadn't been released yet...meaning their may be more tix available than what it appears, depending on how many students attend and when they release the remaining available student tix to the public.
  3. I will be in Madtown with a group of eight people. Two years ago we made the trip and I remember Broadstreet Brats (I think that's what it is called) as being a good place. The waitress let us put a Sioux Jersey on the wooden Bucky statue they have at the bar and we took a picture...that's about all I can remeber from the trip. I would agree that the Madison trip is probably the best road trip for hockey fans to take.
  4. Is that the same Carrol College from Montana that is NAIA. If so, I would hope we would have no problem with Central Washington
  5. All non-conference mens and womens basketball games are scheduled to be played in the Betty.
  6. The Subway classic is a fairly new tournament. Many teams commit to christmas tourneys 2,3, or even 4 years in advance, or so I've been told. I believe I read/heard somewhere that coach Blais was alluding to this fact when questioned about the teams the tourney was bringing in during it's first two years. Anyone else remember Blais talking about this subject and can help me out?
  7. The herald article referred to a city which has Riverboat gambling. I believe Bismarck does have a riverboat casino. Is that operated by a Native American Tribe?
  8. Sorry, I haven't figured out that Quote button yet
  9. The museum could not be placed next to the Ralph because that is on "university" owned land. The NCAA does not want to show any biases so it needs to be placed off of University land. I believe the NCAA football hall of fame is the same way in South Bend (Not on Notre Dames Campus). This topic has been discussed before. I know that parties interested in putting the museum next to the Ralph, have the naming rights for a certain amount of time. If they choose not to build by certain deadline, I'm assuming they lose the naming rights. What I'm wondering is if anyone knows whether or not a d
  10. Does anyone have any information on the "proposed" NCAA Hockey Hall of Fame. I understand that there are parties from Grand Forks that have the naming rights for such a museum. I have also heard that fund raising has already begun for building the museum on 42nd street. Just curious if anyone else has any info?
  11. Who would you rather see in Grand Forks, the LA Lakers or Minnesota T-Wolves? I'm not much of a fan of the NBA, but if I had my choice I would prefer that the Lakers came to town.
  12. I am a first time poster but a long time sioux fan. Take this for what it's worth. A co-worker of mine has a professional relationship with a higher up at WDAZ. This person at WDAZ states that a feed can be picked up for the afternoon game on Friday for a price. WDAZ was waiting to make a decision until after the Sioux women's basketball game on Monday night. Apparently they did not have enough money to cover both hockey and Elite Eight tourney. Now that the women are out of the picture, there may be a chance that WDAZ picks up the feed and broadcasts it on FSSN. Again I feel my source
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