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  1. Ok. Let us say that both teams come ready to play, and Duluth still mops the floor with em.
  2. UMASS has a couple studs, a great powerplay but Denver was the better team.....clearly. Duluth should mop the floor with this team.
  3. Sioux90

    Who has a HD TV ?

    Look online for specials. You'll always over pay if you buy in store. CNET.com usually gives solid advice and links to the best deals.
  4. I hope Shaw is watching this game....
  5. Providence got screwed with that early whistle in the first, but Mankato is clearly the better team here.
  6. OMG the Mankato game is unbearable to listen to.....
  7. Sioux90

    ITS OVER!!!

    I put this on the coaches. They never looked like a team that was well prepared.
  8. Can we dump every player and give Jones 4 more years?
  9. It's hard to believe this team will be any better next year....We lose our best player by far. Our best faceoff/worst penalized/best defensive forward. An average senior d man. We gain a couple unproven forwards that may or may not be able to create offense.....
  10. I wasn't a big Hakstol fan, and I don't want him back. He could surely discipline a team though.
  11. They used to call us goons, because UND played hard and hit hard, but I can't remember the last time they played a cheap game like this. The last game, and where's the heart?
  12. Thome went full retard. You never go full retard. Someone throw up the gif for me please...
  13. THIS IS FUCKING EMBARRASSING!! I can't believe I'm actually agreeing with these trash hillbilly color guys.....
  15. They're frustrated. They've screwed themselves all year, but that's what good coaches are for. Unfortunately we don't have good coaches to help this team succeed.
  16. The Redhawks would like to have a word with you.
  17. Lol...did you watch it in real time? Hain literally ran him over....
  18. Jones!!!! ONE MORE YEAR!!! ONE MORE YEAR!!!
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