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  1. I agree with you, but he's got those natural offensive instincts.
  2. Tychonick should convert to forward. It would compliment his skill set so much better. An opinion....
  3. Sioux will dominate both games.
  4. Berry doesn't sound too happy about Westerns cheap play.
  5. The Lunatics are so bad, they throw F bombs and middle fingers to the refs when the refs are announcing Sioux penalties.....lol.
  6. All the kids do it now. It's the norm these days. Give Oshie a call if you want something done about it.
  7. That sweater grab by Pinto was for the Lunatics lol. What a snipe.
  8. Lucky they didn't give Western a penalty shot.
  9. How does the Ref 3 feet away not call the tripping call, but the Ref half the ice sheet away calls it???????
  10. He smoked him in the face! Nice to see Pintos reaction. He went right after the western guy. Love this Freshy.
  11. I'm happy to say that I voted to give him another year, even though I never thought he needed to be replaced.
  12. Talk about escaping with their lives.....
  13. Scheel will probably get the only goal tonight. Sioux win 1-0 in 3 on 3 overtime. Calling it.
  14. This effort so far is absolutely pathetic. WMU isn't even playing all that well themselves....
  15. Did the team party last night or what?
  16. A period to forget. Have to be sharper.
  17. Both teams seem a bit off to start. That last shift by the Sioux was solid.
  18. NDSU wins championships, and North Dakota gets laughed out of Louisiana.
  19. Where's that joker that told everyone to "relax"? Should we still be RELAXING......Bubs needs to go. Or have we forgotten about the proud tradition that is North Dakota football???? I have not and I know most of the people on this board have not either. Things need to change.
  20. LOL KETT for MVP!!!! I'm crying inside...
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