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  1. Our Season...Shaw with a really nice move and completely misses wide....
  2. Makes little sense. Johnson doesn't have the skill to match those guys, so having him out there is pointless. But what do I know.....
  3. I told myself that I wasn't going to drink tonight. Might have to head to the liquor store at intermission....
  4. Brad Berry should be proud of himself and his team. Now we take blatant shots at goalies early in the 1st period.....
  5. wtf is Hain doing? does he have an IQ of 30?
  6. DU color guys were absolutely brutal to listen to. I had almost fallen asleep before DU scored the second goal. It's playoff hockey and the boys couldn't score a single goal. I didn't even bother to watch the final 3 minutes.
  7. Players need to take responsibility. Look at our penalty minutes, and poor power play. Gardner was supposed to be a senior leader, but leads the team in penalty minutes. He was benched for an entire period for crying out loud. We have highly talented forwards coming in next year. Gooch looks to be getting to that next level, and I love our defense and goal tending. Keane, Senden and Hain will be crucial to team success next year.
  8. Oshie needs to pay Gooch a visit.
  9. I'm proud of this team. I've been critical throughout the year, but I see a lot of promise. Next year is a Penrose type year, and I expect them to win it. A lot of people here talk about how these guys can play with the top teams. It's nothing but top teams from here on out. Go Sioux!
  10. He's a freshy. Give him a chance.
  11. Was she a drunk old bag, or what? Incredibly embarrassing, and she should be banned for life.
  12. Consistency and scoring has been the issues with this team. Add a lot of penalties and you get this kind of season. This team can truly control their own destiny.
  13. Anyone concerned with our goal tending? I didn't watch the game, but the highlights showed Thome out of position a lot of the time. It's rare to see a goalie play like he does....is it concerning or just his style???
  14. This team has had chances to put games away. They have also come out and played horribly against weak teams. Cake Eaters.
  15. Shaws need to go. IDC if shaw scored tonight, hes still a joke. Bast still can't play defense. Someone just needs to be fired. Is this season over yet? I don't even feel bad for them, in fact this team is embarrassing themselves almost every game they play. Sure, they have worked hard some games, and out shot most opponents. What about the old saying, work smarter not harder....
  16. recruiting happens years before the kids get here. Most of these kids are Hakstols recruits....
  17. I disagree. We've seen this team out work and out play a lot of teams and lose. Scoring is the issue, clearly. Next year will be better, and the year after will be a fun one to watch.
  18. Once he adds some muscle and a little more experience, watch out!
  19. watching this team is bad for my health. blood pressure is through the roof.
  20. Hain is better than Mismash. JJ and Hoff can leave with the Shaws and Gardner.
  21. does shaw know what hes doing out there?
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