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  1. Defense steps up. Now KETT needs to keep his mouth shut and throw the ball. Do his job.
  2. Can't stop the run. Can't run the ball. Starting QB disrespects the head coach with the cameras on him after taking a terrible penalty....oh and how about that field goal....
  3. KETT is a disgrace to the program. What a joke. Tired of this team.
  4. This is a joke. Where's the defensive scheming on this run game....
  5. absolutely terrible defense.
  6. The wind doesn't help us at all. Sioux need to stop the run to win this game.
  7. we need to come up with better third down plays than that.....
  8. LOL Apparently the Sioux will have to "battle the elements".... and it's 78 degrees.....
  9. Some big boys in that ESPN box.
  10. So far it's been a good week for UND sports. Let's keep it going! Sioux win 35-24.
  11. Spearing. Took the blade to his lower right side. Typical.
  12. Oshie needs to talk to Pinto about how to celebrate goals lol
  13. Sioux90


    Bro, I hope this is sarcasm.
  14. Sioux90


    #55 Only reason we win this game.
  15. Sioux90


    Who's number 1? He besides Boltman has been our best player. We should be running more RPOs.
  16. Sioux90


    Bubba needs to GTFO. He's hurting this program.
  17. Sioux90


    This isn't Sioux football. Make all the excuses you want. It's 2019 and the Bison treat us as a cupcake team. Embarrassing.
  18. Sioux90

    Shaw's gone.

    Bring in a Gasparini
  19. Trying equals two missed tourneys in a row.
  20. I hope Brad Berry watched this game closely. Sandy has Duluth playing Sioux hockey....in Duluth.
  21. Well I'm not gonna rub it in until the game is over. I said they would dominate and they did.
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