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  1. I see coaches following new qbs on Twitter.............not looking good on the Colorado kid
  2. No five hour would not pass the test. These kids are warned about caffeine though.
  3. Ya know though Ben Newman didn’t sell him anything illegal. Illegal by NCAA standards, absolutely, but Newman made some easy money off that football team and by the looks of it is off other teams too. Supplements are a tricky game, it’s like Bison06 said awhile ago, safest just to stay off them.
  4. No one cares about what you think on here. When will you figure that out?
  5. Exactly true. I also got pulled out of bed once at 4 am to randomly pee in a cup. Really no way to dodge the tests.
  6. You have got to admit though someone was paying him to constantly be there, give his rah rah speeches, and, apparently, sell his goods. He already has ties to Kansas State which I find hilarious.
  7. Get a life? You are the one that spends your day on an opposing teams fan blog just to post comments like the one above. You sir are a waste of space. Why don't you call Ben Newman and have him give you one of his famous talks, pound a pre workout and hit the gym together.
  8. Klieman speaks so highly on this dude you would almost think he has a little man crush on the guy. Sucks that he screwed them over.
  9. This is one hundred percent true. I will be completely honest here. I took a preworkout all through college, before every workout, every game, etc etc. Lucky for me, I didn't get caught if what I was on was illegal. Hell every once in a while I still buy them today because they really do make working out that much easier. I feel bad for Brock because I'm sure he wasn't alone, but NDSU does need to be held responsible in some respect.
  10. Hey all you NDSU folks, here is who was supplying your boys with their goods: https://www.bennewman.net/
  11. Well it is all about what is best for the student athlete, just like any decision to go anywhere. Personally what I see in UND football is an opportunity to play for a solid FCS program. Facilities are nice, the college itself is a solid university, etc etc. It is the coaches job to let these athletes know why they should come to UND. That's why they get paid the big bucks to coach year round.
  12. The article you posted has nothing to do with him going to NDSU. The truth behind it is coach don't just say "Hey the BIG10 is great and all but what I really want is to coach in the Missouri Valley." Coaching is all about putting yourself is the best position to keep moving up, most of the time. Rutgers is currently a dumpster fire, so moving to NDSU might have saved his career.
  13. Well then, he is an idiot by my standards.
  14. https://www.hudl.com/profile/5659728/Carson-Welch Love this kids film
  15. That's exactly right. Kid can go ride pine behind Lance for four years
  16. For those of you sad by losing out on Graetz.........Kinney out of Colorado is rated quite a bit higher on 247sports.........
  17. Whatever the hell he is. He is disrespectful like many kids, but come on. Do you really want a dude that is liking your rivals tweets, while you are kissing his ass and telling him how good he is? Let us not forget, this kid didn't have a single offer heading into January..........
  18. Look at when he liked the tweets though. He was on an official visit to UND while liking NDSU related tweets? First of all, I don't want a kid that disrespectful on our team. Second of all, he is a millennial probably thinking, "This visit isn't that cool. I'm going to like some Entz tweets instead of giving this a shot." The only curious thing to me, Why not commit to them if that's what you want? NDSU could pull that scholly offer at any moment for the next big thing.
  19. Prove that he turned down the OL Coach job at Iowa. You would have to be an absolute idiot to turn that down and go to Rutgers? Iowa is possibly the best OL school in the nation and Rutgers is.....well.......the worst team in the big ten. Congrats on being Rutgers best recruiter! That would mean you are the worst recruiter in the BIg10 by my account. Also, just so you know, Pauley turned down NDSU once before he took the gig this year. UND didn't even call him. They knew who they had in mind the entire time.
  20. I guarantee when the teams start playing annually again, which is in a few short months, they amp it up when they play UND. It’s a rivalry. They are two universities within 70 miles. No way around it.
  21. It is 100% due to the fact that UND offered a scholarship to a player that was once committed to them. That's how rivalries work. If NDSU wants a player, they will always find a way for a scholarship to be available to that player. The want to constantly assert their mental dominance on a team that they hate and will soon be in their conference. I would do the same thing if I was NDSU. It's like an old war strategy "Go after your enemies resources or lack of resources". I will admit the kid must not care too much about playing if he goes to NDSU. Lance is penciled in there the next four years, barring injury.
  22. I would say Jamestown is a hell of a lot more desirable than Valley City and if my small school knowledge is correct, VCSU kicked the !@#$ out of them every year he was there. Maybe you guys were looking at the wrong NAIA or whatever it is called..............
  23. I watched enough of them to know that Hankey will step in at linebacker. Kid was 60 miles from UND and NDSU landed him. He was a stud in ND high school ball.
  24. What about on defense? What does NDSU lose?
  25. Oh I had no idea at the time. Looking back on it, like you said, its obvious now. The best gig Bohl could land was Wyoming, not exactly a dream job. Klieman landing a head job at K State is truly impressive, even though that is a brutal spot right now. From my few meetings and scheme talks with Klieman a have a ton of respect for him and wish him the best. Entz is a very very different guy and coach, so it will be interesting, not saying it will be bad or good.
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