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    UND @ ISU

    How's Riviere looked this year? I feel like I don't know enough about him considering how highly touted he was coming in.....
  2. If the Spuds are soft, what does that make every school in Fargo? They would beat all of them by two scores.
  3. Kinda like Feeney and Belquist's Dads playing for NDSU and their kids going to UND?
  4. My beef with Kett is you could tell he was not really a leader or good team guy. Didn't he push Bubba on the sideline once? ha
  5. If he was so fast, why did Maeg accumulare more receiving yards? If I'm an OC with half a brain, I'm taking shots to a game changing WR all day. I wonder if Roehl knows this is how one's brain should operate?
  6. Freshman version of Tommy>Ketteringham>Stutsrud
  7. I'm not taking him out of the conversation I just knew that you would mention him instantly. Throw him in there and I'll still take UND's group over NDSU's. MooU wanted Richter, he choose UND. Maeg would start for NDSU and steal targets from your boy. Didn't even mention Belquist, who as I stated earlier, was able to burn the dude that your squad thinks was the best DB in the FCS......
  8. UND's WR > NDSU's WR. Your answer: But Christian Watson blah blah blah. You can tell the kid is a cancer to the team culture and I'll quote this response when he enters the portal. I'll still with our "slow" WR's.
  9. I was simply stating a fact. Didn't say UND didn't get rolled that day, but while we are handing out life rules here's one: Don't expect people to take you seriously or like you on a UND message board with "bison" in your name.
  10. Just like when Bo Belquist burned Hayes for an easy 6. That's what we need to do!
  11. I agree with this. My mind is wondering though if a majority of our seniors stay, with the next class coming in if they don't cut more kids than usual. If that is the case, I would guess the coaches have enough decency to say hey we are going to cut ya if you don't go in the portal, so just save yourself the embarrassment and get in there.
  12. No one is particularly mad about it, but there is no denying it's a bad look. I could see Entz doing it (can't say that about the coach before him). As a Bison fan, I can totally understand how you think this way though.
  13. To consistently compete with NDSU, SDSU, JMU (Who I consider the three best in the country) this is what we need to improve on and we are there: 1.) Kicking and Punting. Still not sold we have a place kicking game that will hold up when it needs to. Punting well that was atrocious. 2.) Bigger Inside DL. Whether that's finding a couple new dudes or simply packing on the pounds of some of the dudes we have. Honest to God that is all I see. WRs are deep and plenty talented. Would love to get a true burner that can take the top off, but let's be real, most of those dudes for FBS. Maybe find on in the portal? It can't be a one trick pony type WR though where all he could do was go deep.. That's not hard to pick up on....
  14. How in the hell are you actually complaining about the OL? That's the best products we have seen in years and if you watched any FCS football one of the best in the country. They aren't perfect and probably not the best in the country, but they certainly aren't worth complaining about. Waletzko is probably going to the league.....
  15. James had zero vision. Otis can do everything James could do and then some. No disrespect to JJ, but he might be the most overrated player we've had in the last 10 years.
  16. JMU was a more complete team, there is no way around that. UND competed, but take away the two INTs and it's obviously a much closer game. We aren't where we need to be yet, but we are dang close. Remember this is a team that got their a** whopped by Niccolls....... As I have said many times, this program is improving everyday and that is all we as fans can ask for.
  17. JMU 31 - UND 13 Until we win a big one on the road......I can't.
  18. Easy to say that now. With UND's past in the playoffs and not playing a live game for 5 weeks, I see why he was in. Also, teams typically don't pull starters until the 4th quarter at any level...........
  19. Otis legit has the build of an NFL running back. If they don't think that, they must not watch much football on Sundays
  20. Kid from Canada is more of a Ritcher type kid from what I see. Owens has a chance.
  21. This is probably the first time in 20 years or so that I genuinely think we have a superb staff. Hopefully they all stay around awhile!
  22. I'm not saying what we are doing offensively is perfect, but watching this compared to Rudy's run, run, pass, punt offense is much improved. The amount of looks and motions UND uses to disguise things is enough to give a DC enough to chew on. Now, I do think if we implemented more QB running we would be even tougher.
  23. Plus, one of his best friends just left the program.
  24. Well and to piggy back off of that, I would have liked to see Quincy in there simply for the fact that Tommy is valuable to this team. Comparing him to our QBs in the past, he isn't going to lose us the game with poor decisions and getting greedy him his arm. He knows what he is capable of and knows what each play demands of him. That being said, he might not be a four year starter, but he's pretty damn good for a freshman.
  25. I absolutely love everything about Bo. His skillset, tenacity, the fact his dad was a Bizon and NDSU was too ignorant to recruit him, etc. BUT WR is maybe the one position we can spare to lose a guy. Does Cocheran show up and shine? Do we see more Preston?
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