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  1. If you put into perspective that the fall games COUNT toward the playoffs, Mo State shouldn't even be discussed. I don't want to look it up, but who have they beat that matters? They are a 5-4 ball team, who plays undisciplined, cheap football. I hate to be harsh, but I watched them play NDSU, who I obviously don't care for, and the amount of cheap shots was astounding.
  2. All I'm saying is there is positives and negatives to both situations. One of the reasons Bubba has had success and placed a better product on the field every year he has been here is because he and his staff do a great job of always focusing on the positive of the situation and keep the players locked in. A prime example of this would be our opener this year. With all the talk of the big bad MVFC we came out and pounded a team that has shown to be a decent club.
  3. As I said, you can't tell me a little part of the players and coaches are happy the YSU game isn't being played. We had everything to lose and zero to gain.....
  4. It isn't a COVID casualty. Youngstown decided to bow out of the game due to injuries and the fact that the game meant nothing to them. Hard to be mad at them when literally every MVFC chose to quit once their playoff hopes were diminished. It's hilarious to listen to Fargo media dig into the fact that it has to do with COVID and injuries. No it has to do with the fact that they have the ability to do so. Why keep playing when you are playing for "nothing"? All the teams quitting are doing so once their playoff hopes are out the door. I highly doubt UND is too concerned, besides the
  5. The more I think about the UND/NDSU game the more I think about how UND showed up with their worst performance this year and NDSU had their best. I know that sounds like an excuse because it is one, but it is also the truth. I also believe that was NDSU's best performance this year.
  6. This is exactly how I feel. The teams that are shutting down their seasons are the teams with little to no hope of success.
  7. Outside of Chatt., is there a team that had a chance to make the playoffs that quit midseason? Seems to me all the teams that are hanging it up are doing so once they have been bounced from the playoff picture......
  8. I'll be honest on this one, watched this kid play bball this year. I really don't see the athleticism to play D1 football..........
  9. I usually agree with Herder, but I thought this was a bad take. The committee has always tended to favor the MVFC and take them over over teams when it came to bubble teams. That is quite the fall from grace to go from the #2 ranked team to the last team to sneak in all because of one loss the the possible best team in the nation and a couple covid cancellations......
  10. I don't know if there are any bi-laws in play for this odd season or what not, but if there isn't, I would say yes. 3 of 4 wins are against teams that were ranked. The one loss is to the Gods of FCS football. I would guess they would give us a second round pairing with NDSU to try and make some money ha
  11. And yet if your fully vaccinated you "can't" be considered a close contact anymore....
  12. It's Over. NDSU will return to dominance with a competent QB again next fall and I will crawl back down into a deep dark hole until we have a glimmer of hope once again.
  13. This is becoming a very intriguing topic. The fargo media has made it very obvious that they want the spring season done and keep saying, "Let's just keep all teams healthy and make it to the fall." I find that comical considering they were all for one meaningless game this fall when they had Lance. The fact of the matter is they can see the writing on the wall that if the spring season continues, NDSU will not walk to a National Championship. Could they will it and keep rolling? Yes. Will it be as easy as it has been? No. However, if the season ended today they would have their transfer QB fr
  14. There is no room for coaching blaming with kids entering the transfer portal in my opinion. It is what it is. It's simply a sign of the times. The school the the South that almost beat a team that is currently in the Sweet 16 also has 5 players in the portal. There are numerous other schools in the same boat as well. I agree it isn't ideal, but the NCAA knew this is what it would turn into and we as fans need to understand this is the new reality.
  15. I'm a biased, optimistic UND fan, but I'm calling it now: These two teams matchup in the playoffs this year and UND actually shows up to play and the end result is different. Then we will really here the "this season doesn't count" excuses fly from the bizon fans. *Will this happen, probably not, but I can dream.
  16. When you have the word "Bison" in your username do you really expect people on a SIOUXSPORTS forum to roll out the welcome wagon for you? You are truly delusional.
  17. I always wonder how the heck Hornbacher's didn't make it. Was always plenty busy when I shopped there. Nice location. Fair prices.
  18. Someone is preparing for the downfall of his beloved program......Championships are championships. I guarantee if NDSU wins this thing you certainly won't be sad. Quit whining, embrace the different, and suck it up.
  19. Kid from AZ sure looks like he can from watching his film. Was hoping Cochern would find a way into this role, but he looks more like a possession/gadet guy
  20. Not having playoffs is a bad take. Why did we play at all then this spring if there is no "end game" that means anything? UND has a legit chance to win there last two games, get in the playoffs and WIN THEIR FIRST D1 PLAYOFF GAME. I don't care how that happens, when it happens it shows we are no longer a ho hum average football program. Especially this being our first year in the MVFC. Didn't everyone just rip on Ill. State for calling there season yesterday?
  21. Here's the real question: How come NDSU didn't blow out Central Arkansas in their showcase game this fall.......... I remember watching that game, where NDSU had their two golden boys, thinking this team is above average, but not by much.
  22. Well you know what they say, "If you want to work on the farm go to NDSU. If you want to own the farm, go to UND." In that, a golden pitch fork would suffice.
  23. At the end of the day, I see NDSU using their two horses at TE to attempt to gain leverage on UND. Should be a similar test to when UND faced SDSU, however I didn't expect SDSU to come out throwing deep ball haymakers like they did. I think UND's offense can pump in three TDs and do their part, but I think they will struggle to run the ball like they have. They won't be completely stopped, but it will be much tough with the DL they will face. I've watched every UND game and all but one NDSU game and I see this one being an absolute class. Tommy has passed every test so far, but this is his big
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