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  1. It seems to be a Minnesota sports tradition these days.
  2. Berry's son is on the u16 team there.
  3. Most of the offense is an issue. I don't think Sano has a hit this year yet.
  4. If Weatherby would have left earlier would Rizzo have been the player to come in?
  5. That's the appropriate organization for him to go to.
  6. I feel as though there is a bit of a recency bias to this question. When Hak was running the show people would've rather won a natty once every five years and missed the tourney the other four, instead of always getting there and never winning.
  7. Notre Dame deserved to win. Driscoll is the reason it even got to overtime.
  8. Guy turns his back to you at the last second and it's a five minute major. Guy has his back to you for an extended period of time prior to the hit and it's a two minute minor.
  9. Wilbur after having too many beers.
  10. They have a Kraft and a Cullen on that team too. They have four Cullen's on the peewee AA team. Ethan's youngest brother is on the squirt AA team along with Laurila's little brother and Kraft's little brother. It'll be interesting to watch these kids as they grow up.
  11. Just got home and turned the game on. Are the shots really 1-0 CC so far?
  12. It worked last weekend, so cheers to another good weekend.
  13. Here's to this weekend being the one that sets the team on a path to a championship.
  14. https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/cap/2022/ New Orleans currently has the biggest salary cap problem in the NFL.
  15. You lose Adams, Mismash, Guch, Pinto, and Weatherby that changes things. Not to mention JBD and Kierstad.
  16. Am I they only one that feels like two steps forward and one step back since Bubba's been the head coach. Every time I think we've turned the corner, we have a bad game and/or season. By turn the corner I mean a team that makes the playoffs every year and wins a game or two.
  17. That's probably game over.
  18. I don't see this team winning a lot of games when they give up four goals. Hopefully they can pull this one out.
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