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    No!! They were denying mont st great returner any chance to take it to the house. Strategy not injury
  2. ? Number 19 that is top 5 in fcs in breakups!
  3. Yes!!!! Good win guys!!! Finally! Nice to see 3 forced turnovers, but not happy with the play calling , especially the 2nd half again!! Nice to a win vs a top 25 team at home, very refreshing
  4. Mont st 52 - injury riddled team 30. Hoping for no more injuries. Also will be watching very close at the predicted pathetic play calling, hope I'm wrong. I do think Santiago will rush for his first of many 200 yd games.
  5. We as fans do not accept mediocrity. Proof is here at sioux sports, a fan website!! When und was 4-1 not to many of us were satisfied. Plenty of whining, complaining ,concerns and questions!! By reading some of the posts, you would make an assumption we were 1-4. If most teams were posting a 4-1 record they would be happy. Port st comes to mind. They're not used to winning but even after the und lose they really liked what was happening. Football tradition is strong here, maybe not the upper echelon but not bottom either. When you consider the fact there has only been 8 losing seasons in the last 50 yrs and half of those have been the last 5 yrs, it proves that und is currently in a rebuilding stage. I look at a couple of components that have factored into this 1). The most significant was the move to D1 with mussman! Mussman was a nice enough guy but a horrible head coach. This is where the blame falls squarely on faison and his complacency. Muss set this program back many yrs and now bubba has the task of cleaning up the mess and I have 100% confidence he will. 2). I'll keep it short, faison should follow Kelly. Football is every bit as important to us as fans but unfortunately we currently ride in the caboose of the mussman train wreck. It's been very frustrating the last 7 yrs but I have full confidence that bubba has this team heading in the right direction.
  6. Scary matchup! Mont st is all but guaranteed to score 35-40 pts. They've done it all yr. Hate to be a broken record, but the injuries have completely decimated the team. Two ways und can pull it out: 1) Rudolph grows up and actually calls a good game all the while adjusting to whatever mont st d gives us: and 2) turnovers , both ways! Hold onto the ball, no int and how about the d create some turnovers! What would we as fans and mont st d do if Rudolph opened the 2nd half with 10-15 straight passes?? all dump downs, nothing deep, keep it simple. Abuse the te usage
  7. The "lack of depth is a bad team" reference is nullified when the coach is in yr 1.5. To think bubba could make und playoff bound by yr two and with what he had to work with would of been incredible . I'm not even sure about next yr. Btw, bubba isn't at Duluth or s illinois anymore. Mute point. Just look at what belicheck did before hitting gold with New England. Nothing!! He sucked. So let's just drop what he did or didn't do before his arrival. The depth is something they're obviously working on, but with only two recruiting classes that's a bit difficult. This is a message board and you have the right to being completely pessimistic , but I believe majority of us realize the tough circumstances bubba has been thrown. The secondary issue is very frustrating but not for a lack of talent. One corner is top 5 in fcs in pass breakups, another one is miss st transfer that has played in a bowl game and safety that was well regarded. Numerous times the defenders are covering the wr lack the fundamental to watch the eyes of the receiver. They must counter act a reaction. Db coach needs to step it up. Will ratelle surely be missed but taj is more then ready to be the undisputed leader of the d next yr. his injury affected the way the d is playing. Huge loss!!! He's an X factor and a do it all type of player Happy to have back next yr . One last thing....in bubba we trust
  8. Exactly. 20 games in a row of his ineptness and lack of adjusting should be more then enough to signal an issue. Rudolph simply can't adjust to the game. 35 offensive tds in 20 games, not quite 2 tds per game. Rudolphs offense has averaged less then 14 pts a game and a good fg kicker that will add 3 pts when he runs out of plays. Try page 2 of the playbook! We'll see how many 3 and outs happen against mont st, as they have shown very little resistance to any d1 team they have played. 2 offensive tds and a couple fgs????
  9. Cant say for sure about the move to safety, but the one thing thats for certain is his talent! Talent is needed at wr, so if I had a vote, keep him there. I agree with his run style as a rb, much to upright and the punishment he could sustain. Santiago and brady make a great combo for 4 yrs and I like the idea of Clive, iwarri, and dulin at wr next yr. still very young next yr but a boatload of talent and potential.
  10. It doesn't take an all American qb to dump down to the tight ends. Und needs to use the tight ends, preferrably Adler, the guy is a stud. Rudolph refuses! 3.5 yds is all you need a play. It would fit Unds grind it out offense and loosen the oppositions d , so every once in a while you can take a shot. Right now, opposing defenses are not even looking at Unds qb , zeroed in on Santiago. Santiago is to good to be completely shutdown. The 3 and outs in the 2nd half of games have put to much pressure on the injured d. Explains a lot of the injuries in the defensive side, they are on the field much more then they need to be
  11. Taj is a huge loss! Personally, he was my favorite defensive player. He will be more than capable of being nexts yr defensive leader. Let's not forget Clive still has a cast on and I am not sure cole should be playing yet. Woodsmall is 50%. Non injury losses are Chris brown and dusty iverson plus early defections on hinojosa and starting punter bolduc. With meindel that's not a big loss. As unfortunate as all the injuries have been, the "next man up" will give und a lot of experience and depth in the coming yrs
  12. Und is very unfortunate with the injury bug. Doesn't bode well for the remaining games
  13. Santiago makes him look good! Santiago is an all American, let's enjoy his time at und
  14. Love Bubbas philosophy, but the ineptness of the passing game is troubling. I throw the majority of the blame on Rudolph as he will not or can not adjust to the game. Inexperience and injuries are another factor but I'm afraid Keaton just can't throw accurate enough and Bartles completely unravels with the slightest of pressure. I've been a fan of mollberg since he arrived in gf, but I don't make those decisions. You have to blend in the pass game occasionally to keep the opposing teams honest. No need to pass for 400 yrds but sprinkle in some new looks. They need to use their tight ends and iwarri needs to be more involved. He can be explosive and they did pull his shirt for a reason. Adler has hands of glue, use them.
  15. As my name suggests, I've been a long time fan of und football and have kept interest in this forum. I'm as frustrated as most eveybody right now , but Bubba is the right hire for und. He wil right the ship as will Schmitt, but Rudolph?? I have complete faith in Bubba and Schmitt but zero in Rudolph. Most of us fans lived painfully through the mussman era and wanted immediate change. He left this program in a complete mess. As the saying goes, "Rome was not built in a day". Bubba will have und formidable in a year or two. I am excited for the future of this program. Having met and talked with Bubba numerous times, he is a class act and his love for und is unparalleled. Personally, I never thought they would be playoff material this year , as they are much to young and inexperienced and with the addition of all the unfortunate injuries, it's been tough. One thing to remember is that the majority of the players und is working with are mussmans recruits ! Also, I don't think the corners are as bad as everyone thinks. I believe the position coaching (db) needs to do better job of doing his job. Never played that position but how is it that they never adjust to the wr eyes or actions!?!!? Arms up, look back!? Many times the corners are on tight with wr but fail the fundamentals. If I'm not mistaken, Deion Harris is one of the tops in the fcs in breakups. As I recall on many of those breakups, they have been on slant patterns where the wr wasn't going straight up the field. The issue seems to be when the wr are on go patterns. Seems like he has the talent to be locked in on the wr but lacks the fundamentals. And they are very very young. True fresh, true soph at corners and a banged up safety position. Pretty sure Cole shouldn't be playing right now, but und lacks the depth at that position. The depth will come with each recruiting class. Now to the offense, Bubba needs to take a real hard look at Rudolph! His play book is one page, the same 3 or 4 plays every damn time! You would think after 20 games with him at the helm, there would be improvement. Or something that indicates that he is capable of adjusting. The predictability is astonishing and very maddening. He play calling looks "ok" when leading but looks plain silly when they have fallen behind. Santiago has single handily made up for his short beings. Santiago is an all American candidate but cannot do it alone. Teams adjust, we don't! When they adjust and stack 9 in the box, Rudolph keeps with same damn plays!! Very frustrating !! I think we all know what play will happen when iwarri is in. Way to predicatable ! How about using the te ? How about using iwarri as a catching wr? You could argue the fact the offensive line is average ,qb is ave to below average, and receiving talent is ave but the play calling is just beyond predictable ! When we as fans can start calling most of the plays, pretty sure the opposing coach is catching on as well. The offensive line is getting better, love the rb situation, and am excited to get Dulin out there next yr at wr. Gut feeling, but thinking he could be very special. Actually was hoping the coaches would have pulled his shirt this yr. The kicking and punting are above ave but need to shore up the coverage teams! That's all I have
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