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  1. 2017-2018 Recruiting

    well with 2 recent juco big offers and a 2018 pg offer...at least one more player is gone...Kinsey is my guess
  2. Next Season

    Should be a solid player at that level
  3. 2018-2019 Recruiting

    Another iowa kid....if the big from California is not a walk on this means 2 players plus jones are leaving
  4. Next Season

    Chad is waiting for the Duke job to open..a great coach like him must have turned down tons of d1 jobs ...he is cherry picking for duke or Kentucky .
  5. Next Season

    Walter put on some muscle and look to score a bit more, Stewart get a solid 3 pt shot to set up dribble drive, Brown seems to play up to is limited athletic ability, Jaquan all I know is he pick up fouls fast in the few minutes he played, seales 6,4 “ fwd needs to shoot the 3 ...he still has not developed the outside shot to set up his impressive short to mid range game... Crandall play smarter too many turnovers.
  6. Next Season

    Not impressed bench guards...other than kinsey I would expect the rest to return..do not view any of reserves as summit league caliber
  7. Good efforts...weak bench 3 pts
  8. Geno needs to drill some 3 pt shots
  9. Refs incapable of blowing whistles when und players get mugged on drives to the hoop
  10. Geno turns down wide open 3 and passes the ball to Montana...geez
  11. Without avants und chances are the same as pluto tv not screwing up the broadcast....zero
  12. Montana 13/13.5 fav ...
  13. Geno too much of a turnover machine this season , did not shoot enough, and gets benched in first half for 2 fouls too often....pretty tough to rack up assists with a shortage of catch and shoot teammates...and almost impossible to make first team with a 8/9 th place finish.
  14. Sore back....jones will need to add another player or next season looks lame
  15. UND vs NAU

    Clown job refs again