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  1. 2018-19 Season

    Kid was a lousiville recruit.. top 110 recruit... would be a solid summit league kid or better
  2. 2018-19 Season

    Jones will be here until his contract is over...money talks bs walks
  3. 2018-19 Season

    U redshirt a freshman u risk grad transfer...
  4. 2018-19 Season

    He needs to grad in summer to play fall ...graduate in fall to play winter...so if he does not grad. It is und or bust.
  5. 2018-19 Season

    Well he needs to graduate to play elsewhere....so summer school or sit out fall semester....Xavier has 5 guards on schl
  6. 2018-19 Season

    Also gopher assistant is a recent follower...geno might be graduating in fall and then play winter semester
  7. 2018-19 Season

    Maybe the transfer out is contingent on a favorable NCAA ruling regarding immediate transfer eligibility...last I heard geno needed fall semester to graduate and henceforth the gophers ...looked elsewhere...kinda dumb to transfer to Xavier they are seriously rebuilding and are a deep long shot to dance next season...if he was good to go I would expect a formal announcement by tomorrow and he would be wise to weigh all options if priorities include playing for a NCAA tourney caliber team
  8. 2018-19 Season

    the u has no schollys...jal and geno would have been tough...where is the link.....geno needs to graduate to play d1 next season...see he is in mpls. And scheduled to play in tc pro am league...
  9. 2018-19 Season

    Need to get a brother on the coaching staff...how many d1 staffs have no bro’s on coaching staff
  10. 2018-19 Season

    Not sure how good a get Marko is but if the guy has a pipeline to international recruits then go for it...hopefully they will have a guy who can recruit iowa and pick up the pace in minnesota
  11. 2017-2018 Recruiting

    Lack of interest/coverage keeps und hoops player movement in the dark...if it was a hockey player or probably a football player leaving...it would be news hot off the press...und is 2 over now and I am sure the staff knows who is out...too bad the grand forks herald will not make a phone call to jones and ask what’s up
  12. 2017-2018 Recruiting

    Added a 6’9 kid from France looks like 2 are gone hopefully Bijilk is still on board
  13. 2018-19 Season

    Too bad he did not bring in even one recruit to und
  14. 2018-19 Season

    That is true and that is why I said geno would need his degree before being eligible ...and like I said he could transfer to the gophs tomorrow ,get his degree over the summer and play as a redshirt senior for the gophs this fall
  15. 2018-19 Season

    He could transfer to another school prior to graduating...and become an eligible to play after transferring contingent upon him completing his undergrad degree....ie announce he is transferring to the u of m today...finish his undergrad credits over the summer and play or finish undergrad credits in fall semester and play for winter semester