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  1. Bonus clause in contract for BSC titles...not adjusted all the time...Jones would have needed another feather in cap for leverage on a contract redo...Was not close to getting Drake job with current resume.....if he signed last year cheaper,smarter, and better for recruiting
  2. SOP sign or fire coach prior to final year on contract.... UND was solid 2015/2016 with everyone back the were a contender for 17...Faison decided to try and save a few bucks in hope that Jones does not get a title... Mistake in not giving him a 3 year extension in 2016... Faison put the program at risk due to impaired recruiting resulting from the coaching staff being in limbo....Signing last season would not have been a mistake ...simple SOP...Canning him last season would have been less stupid than not giving him an extension
  3. Should have signed or canned jones last year...really stupid to have lame duck coach...terrible for recruiting ...team is on a roll for signing freshman with no competing D1 offers ...if recruiting does not pick up the team will be a bottom feeder in the Summit in short order. Could have signed Jones for a lot less $$$ last season...poor foresight by AD. Was trying to save a few bucks by getting one last season out of Jones...penny wise pound foolish
  4. Terry 6'1" and holds Iowa offer
  5. Maybe he decided to become RC....Carson is a very loyal guy ...a man of his word
  6. ok get for walk on
  7. Too bad the AD did not have the foresight to sign Jonesy on the cheap a year ago
  8. Prep Hoops Iowa rates Franken 11th in his class behind a couple of D2 recruits. and 3 spots lower than Brown was rated class of 16..Ouch!.Prep Hoop Illinois ....Has Buchanan 73rd which puts him in the D3/D2 range....Double Ouch ......Moody is rated 2nd in ND in a class with 2 D1 prospects..... These locally sourced ratings really are really pretty bad for a D1 program
  9. if my bet was that UND beats AZ or the spread vs AZ ...that is not be any stretch making a perceived to be factual statement regarding the outcome of said game simply an opinion.... ...Kabish?? Furthermore I initially indicated that an interest in Mormon Culture MIGHT be a factor in his return to the State Of Utah...where over 60% of the Pop base identifies as Mormon.... Of course the bozo climbs out of his gopherhole and gets is shorts in a knot as if I unequivocally said the Shanks was going to Utah so that he could be closer to his KKK allies. He must have a problem with Mormon Christans or why the fuss
  10. a mind is a terrible thing to waste...you have my sympathies....
  11. Never said he was a Mormon or any other faith....Only conveyed that he may be Mormon or interested in it and that if so that could be a contributing factor for he second journey to school in Utah.... Thanks for proving my point!!! by the way FYI. LDS absolutely consider themselves to be Christians
  12. Only fools here are the ones who think I posted Shanks religion beliefs...and those that think shanks did not know he was transferring long before he announced it...or the ones who think that mormons are required to do a mission
  13. learn to comprehend english....never claimed anything....you could claim to be a blood relative of Albert Einstein....
  14. walters was not forced to play ....he rode the pine played a handful of meaningful minutes...turned down redshirt option....Brown like I said when the first signed him is a D2 kid....not smart to redshirt a D2 talent better not to have him a scholly for 5 years
  15. Jones first 3/4 off the bench....at least one guard will Redshirt....