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  1. 3 kids on De now hold UND offers
  2. transferred to De La Salle
  3. Saw geno and josh play pro am tonight....josh looked lost...lousy hands, turnovers/ did not show much....geno looked very good..kinsey and stewart watching
  4. Agree with your picks....referring to the other guy projecting UND first year in Summit really doubt he or anybody else has a good idea how the Summit league teams will look in 18/19..
  5. Idaho has top 7 back plus starting guard Callandret starter from 15/16.... They are logical top choice.... If you do not take a good and objective look at every team in the league before spewing out predictions on where teams finish then you are just making uneducated guesses
  6. The players shake hands as game 2 comes to a close. Team Jones beats Diggs Team 112-94. Tyus Jones leads the way w/ 39 pts. 37 for Crandall...Hooker, Tyus Jones NBA and Tre Jones number one rated prep point guard per scout.com and prep hoops.com ...were the guards playing vs Crandall
  7. make money in preseason....road games vs teams that pay out ....
  8. look for Kinsey to be first guard off the pine, McCauley first fwd off the pine...., Walters the back up 5...shortest team in BSC
  9. let me simplify this for you...if team plays 18 game a 50% win season would be 9....over 9 win is winning over half your games and better than the average of and 18 games BSC Schedule/ a winning conference record ...UND won greater than 50% of BSC games in 80% of Jones is BSC seasons and Jones has 3rd best winning% of all active mens BSC basketball coaches....you are simply a hater or poor at logic
  10. 50% of 18 is 9 not 10
  11. 4 above average years in BSC play and one below average year...Based on actual BSC conference record not uninformed opinions from the peanut gallery....Another Fact is the Jones has 3rd best winning % in conference play of all 12 active BSC head coaches....4 year contract is fair...should of got it a year ago....Needs to pick up recruiting now as his last 2 freshman classes have been lame and Summit is a bit tougher than BSC...my guess is that this will be his final contract at UND
  12. actually shanks at one time held an USC offer ...plus not unusual for a team to take a flyer on a 7ft+ kid...many of whom never pan out....Edwards was a 2 star recruit with only 1 major d1 offer other than Zaga....will likely back up Farris at PS
  13. Jones was underpaid for years...mid pack BSC Program , lowest paid coach....kudos to UND AD for getting by with lowest mens D1 Coach for years....he did blow it by not extending jones after very solid 2015/16 season....This contract will be Jones last at UND...either he does well enough to get a better job...or gets canned for being mediocre or less... Recent recruiting suggests the latter
  14. with only one open spot....so far on next years team , UND has about 17 offers out. Looks to me they should be focused on getting a kid who can play the 5
  15. jones probably will get about what the womens coach makes..nothing to justify any blowback