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  1. 2017-18 Non-UND Hockey

  2. 2017-18 Non-UND Hockey

    When you have a reputation for diving, sometimes you don’t get the benefit of the doubt...
  3. UND to cut women's hockey

    Is college golf well attended?
  4. 2017-18 Non-UND Hockey

    Word on the street is that Clown had a motivation speech by the Virginia basketball team before the game...
  5. NORTH DAKOTA vs. St. Cloud - SATURDAY Gameday

    So who takes the stupid penalty in OT tonight?
  6. NORTH DAKOTA vs. St. Cloud - SATURDAY Gameday

    Nice dive you piece of s***...
  7. UND to cut women's hockey

    Spoken like a true Washington DC polititician. Spend money we don’t have. Nice job Heidi...
  8. Minnesota Vikings 2017 2018

    Another bed s****ing...
  9. Minnesota Vikings 2017 2018

    Stay classy...
  10. Minnesota Vikings 2017 2018

    Will the ghosts of Darrin Nelson and Gary Anderson and other of fails NFC championships come back to haunt the Vikings today? Has the Minnesota Miracle broken the curse? Have they been waiting for this one moment when the Super Bowl is in their back yard to end 50+ years of misery? It will be interesting.
  11. D1&D1AA in all sports@UND

    . ^^ Moser ^^
  12. Minnesota Vikings 2017 2018

    Go make another stupid play challenge, tool...
  13. Minnesota Vikings 2017 2018

    I heard that he did it prior to the Diggs catch but this is the first photo I’ve seen of it. What a jackass. At least he took off his lady glasses.
  14. Minnesota Vikings 2017 2018

    The Steelers didn’t win the Super Bowl following the Immaculate Reception. They lost to the Dolphins in the AFC championship game the following week yet it is still celebrated in Steelers history. The Diggs play, regardless of how the season ends, will go down in history with The Catch, The Music City Miracle, and Immaculate Reception.
  15. Minnesota Vikings 2017 2018

    Try Google...