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  1. Gameday vs Utah

  2. Gameday vs Utah

    Yes. It's called narcissism. It runs rampant in Fargo.
  3. Utah Predictions

    I hope Bubba gives them a good healthy dose of the three horsemen......Santiago, Oliveira and Johannesson
  4. Utah Predictions

    yep the ole' Lou Holtz approach.....
  5. Utah Predictions

    Bubba is a much better football name.
  6. Utah Predictions

    You said the key phrase.....match-up. It's how teams match-up against each other, being assignment sound, and focused.
  7. Utah Predictions

    Well lets just see what happens. Like i said before, if I'm UND, I would be salivating at the chance to play Utah.
  8. Utah Predictions

    I was taught to never, give up, never give in, the cup is always half full. This is Utah, not Bama. I just think UND's ground game will eventually where out the Utes. I am a big, big believer in Bubba.
  9. Utah Predictions

    Your point being?
  10. Utah Predictions

    That's what Wyoming thought too.
  11. Utah Predictions

    If I'm UND I would be absolutely salivating at the chance to play these guys.
  12. Utah Predictions

    All I'm saying is that football is football. No matter what level. Other than the same 5-6 FBS teams every year, it is everyone else after that fighting for the same recruits...including the top FCS teams. Give me 50-60 farm kids over any skilled team anyday. Still gotta strap the helmet on and play the downs. Bubba has got the ship going the right direction. He'll have his steam ready to play. UND has a monstrous offensive line and 3 very talented, and brute-like running backs with speed. A bit of a David vs. Goliath? Maybe. I'll take that challenge. Nothing sweeter than knocking off one of the big boys on the block.
  13. Utah Predictions

    You dont know Bubba at all.
  14. Utah Predictions

    Still though, Utah comes from the Pac-12 where absolutely there is less defense played than the Big Sky. Utah will struggle to stop UND's ground game. I think UND wins in an upset.....17-10
  15. UND to cut women's hockey

    As if we haven't had enough of them already. Pathetic. I'm sure their parents are very proud of them.