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  1. As if we haven't had enough of them already. Pathetic. I'm sure their parents are very proud of them.
  2. The latest Gallup poll shows that less than 30% of the American Public trust the media. That is an all-time low.
  3. I am I am I am!!!
  4. Spot on.
  5. Any kid from Minnesota is a better recruit than any European kid. Huge mistakes made by the coaching staff. Sure the Europeans look awesome again other European teams, but you get them here playing against Canadian and American players and they are average at best.
  6. I just love how the media and Idalski say they produce Olympians. In fact, Idalski has over-emphasized the Olympians that the program has produced......more so than the goal of winning a national title. Other than the Lamaroux's, (oh and by the way I am so sick of hearing what these two have to say) the European Olympians that we constantly bring in don't do didly-squat when they get here. It's about winning national titles, and they didn't, so Idalski has to take some blame in this %@*-show in the fact that he did not put a winning product together in terms of national titles.
  7. UND was caught between a rock and a hard place. They also had to or have to yet, add scholarships the core minimums of the Summit/Missouri Valley Conferences.
  8. Feel bad for the women players but at least Idalski will be gone.
  9. anyone have video of UND's goals in this game?
  10. You either want to play hockey for the love of the game or not.
  11. At some you have to compete with these schools and the women's program has had ample time to do that. Look at Duluth. They haven't exactly been a trailblazer the last few years and now they have seemed to taken a huge step forward and left UND behind.....again. Not to mention UND loses to doormat teams out east as well on a yearly basis. Completely, completely inexcusable.
  12. That is just pathetic. Dear Lord.
  13. Unbelievable. Losing to Lindenwood. They might was well play the Devils Lake high school girls hockey team. What an embarrassment.
  14. Don't care. JH is a POS. Just listen to the guy when he is on. Count how many times he uses "I"......I was this, i was that, I know him, i used to do this. He is a modern day Sid Hartman. We don't need a narcissistic, closet Bison fan to help broadcast UND athletics.
  15. Why would we want anything to do Joel Heitkamp? The guy is a flaming liberal, never has anything good to say about UND, and is just a plain idiot like all the other flaming liberals on KFGO.