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  1. My best guess is that Rizzo will be considering his options once the RBC Cup is over.
  2. That's what I count. Wolanin, Shaw, Chartrand, Peski, Johnson, Poolman, Bast, Rieger, Kiersted
  3. On a side note, it looks like Mr. Fylling is a defense lawyer in Bismarck now.
  4. That is the situation I was thinking of
  5. He could still come back to UND.
  6. Are the coaches allowed to work with the players until the end of the academic year?
  7. 13 -- UMD -- Lost a lot of respect for this team this weekend... Yep!
  8. Bowen
  9. Here is the link to Day 2 voting.
  10. Yon
  11. My group is still going...with or without tickets.
  12. Gersich
  13. Olson