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  1. 13 -- UMD -- Lost a lot of respect for this team this weekend... Yep!
  2. Bowen
  3. Here is the link to Day 2 voting.
  4. Yon
  5. My group is still going...with or without tickets.
  6. Gersich
  7. Olson
  8. Looks like Nick Schmaltz started tonight for the Blackhawks with Toews and Kane
  9. Pogo
  10. I sent an email to nchc regarding the poor quality for all of the games I've tried watching this season. Received an email back saying that they've corrected the issue. I'm in wait and see mode.
  11. JJ
  12. I'm in for one
  13. BW Kelly Inn is where you want to be. Grandstay Inn as a descent inexpensive option