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  1. I've been told by a couple people that Chartrand isn't coming back.
  2. This times 1,000,000 woooooooo
  4. It's so perfect.
  5. Also.... DOES HE SHAVE HIS ARM PITS?!?! WHAT IS THIS KID?!?! hahaha
  6. If all three of these aren't on a poster at the REA when we play the Gophers this year, I will be disappointed in our fans.
  7. And I positively enjoy making fun of him.
  8. How'd you get this? Is it sent to Alumni?
  9. My guess is that there have to be at least some holdovers from Eaves' pipeline, right? Still, yes, this was a huge problem. That and losing Brock
  10. Seriously! I just have this vision of Granato spinning yarns with his snake oil and the parents being all dreamy eyed. Three years later when it's time to come to campus, the roster is full. Crazy.
  11. Yeah, it's still wrong. Saying "this year's NHL Entry Draft" implies he's NHL draft eligible. Which he's not.
  12. I wonder if these kid's parents are looking at the recruiting pipelines. I'm assuming they know if their kid is going to have a shot to play there, right? Insane.
  13. Who's she? says the Sioux and New York Giants fan
  14. Definitely young, but with our solid ties to the BCHL now, I'm optimistic. He even flat out mentioned Jost. Good stuff. Nice work, Bubs and Co.
  15. This was the point I was trying to make.