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  1. UND's lines: 19-17-14 25-22-16 26-10-11 9-27-13 6-28 20-4 24-5 33 30 Next man up. Time to go to work, men.
  2. Nevermind. I reread what you said and I took that differently than what you were intending. My bad.
  3. Why should it surprise you? BU is loaded. We're pretty good, too.
  4. Coin picked UND, but UMD to win the regional.
  5. It's ours to defend and it starts today. This is gonna be wild.... 5-4 good guys Jost, Boeser, Rhett, Pogo, Bowen
  6. Nor should it. They are both really good teams. But hey, so are we
  7. I think it's a huge step if he's in practice and taking shots.
  8. Good lord, we are running thin. C'mon Friday.
  9. Rhett
  10. YESSSS.... he in on contact drills?
  11. Plus, he's looked as close to his top form as he has since the first two weeks of the year over the last 3 weeks or so.
  12. E) Pot another goal, stand in front of Miska, pull a 9 Iron out of the bag (aka, use his stick), line up a shot and wish them a happy Summer on the links
  13. It's called a tag. That's his thing. I love that stuff. He's gotta keep doing it!
  14. You don't like Starman? Dude loves him some NoDak