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  1. OF COURSE losing talent like Oshie and Toews will make someone NOT be a Hobey Baker winner, but Dunc was still one of our best players the next two years.
  2. 2 ....
  3. I think what FS4L is saying is that it's far-fetched to presume they all come back, because that hasn't been the norm, of late. UND in 2016, BU this year and UMD this year are pretty strong examples.
  4. We did alright after losing two NHL and one AHL defensemen. But, they also aren't returning an All-American, a drafted captain, another draft pick and a former USHL d-man of the year. LOL.... now after saying this, yes, yes they will and I am not upset, whatsoever about it!
  5. I don't see Neal Pionk as being the key cog to keeping the NCHC as a powerhouse. My disdain for UMD exploded this year and I wish them no success, even if it's for a small slight of our league.
  6. This made my day.
  7. Man, I suck at this lol.
  8. I say dock him one point and let him be in
  9. I could, but it makes me go cross eyed.
  10. Forwards -- Corey Perry, TJ Oshie, Johnny Toews, Patty Kane, Chris Keider, Sindey Crysby Defense -- Duncan Keith, Kevin Shattenkirk, Brent Burns, Justin Schultz
  11. On one hand, that would make for a ridiculously fun weekend jammed together with the football game. On the other, you can put HC on another weekend and have two really busy weekends in GF.
  12. First since 2012, right? Man, I cannot wait for that.
  13. I told you I got lost in the mirror images! It's like a funhouse in here. Btw, that is my favorite meme of all time.
  14. I've watched the four playoff games several times and the DU game at least 7. QU game about the same. Nothing wrong with looking back on a legendary season!
  15. When looking in the reflection of 2016 in the windshield, do we like the team we see... behind us? In front of us.... sorry, I'm lost in the mirror images #punny