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  1. Boom... well put The brownstones across from Joe Blacks sold at similar price points. Would I buy one? No... I want a house w/ my own yard. But clearly, not everyone feels that way thus investing their money into downtown real estate. If real estate were built on one person's preferences it would fail miserably. I still find every excuse from some of the Yes votes laughable. "Why not a different lot?" Because Dakota Commercial decided this was the best(See: most valuable) place to build and they're investing the money and chose this lot. "But they're just another set of overpriced condos". Just because you can't afford them doesn't make them overpriced. They're worth what people are willing to pay... which we'll discover shortly Honestly, you'd think us No voters were agreeing to cut down a rainforest. It's a tiny not-really-a-park that some people sat in a few times on their lunch break and a select few that are looking for a nice spot to fornicate after bar close.
  2. Let's just hope there aren't any unforeseen surprises that pop up...
  3. Here, we have the 2 people leading the charge on vote yes....
  4. Do some people out there actually believe there's a chance we might get the nickname back?
  5. Yeah that would make more sense... VOTE NO TO GROW!
  6. I feel like I didn't have much of an opinion on Arbor Park when a petitioner asked me to sign during a UND football tailgate. I didn't sign so I could gather more facts and both sides of the issue. However, I have not once since heard a good argument that makes me question that we shouldn't continue to invest in our downtown area. It seems like the vote yes to save Arbor Park has put a decent amount of resources into their campaign so what is their argument for it? Or is the ole 'stand up to the man & big business and don't let them ruin our environment' shtick?
  7. Grand Forks and/or North Dakota needing more 'green space' and comparing it to New York City/Central Park is pretty dang funny... the whole damn state is green space. We need development and growth with investments in projects such as this. I'd suggest the awesome Greenway which is a couple blocks away(and runs for about 6 continuous miles) as Arbor Park faithfuls' alternative choice. If that's not enough you could even cross the river to EGF for several more miles(however not as well maintained).
  8. Yes, 1000 Yes!!!
  9. Both, I believe he was the leading scorer since like February to the end of the season but someone else can confirm. Olson showed some me skills that I wasn't aware he had at the college level, it was impressive.
  10. Doesn't sound far fetched at all, I'd believe it. Pretty similar to the whole Wade Murphy situation if it happens.
  11. The difference is you are making an educated guess vs having sources tell you this information. Sorry but I'll go with sources over armchair coaching. So Bubs and Co. just decided to play Rinks in the #2 spot for shits and giggles all season? I know you don't want to believe it but Tomek was the 3rd best goalie on this team last year. Multiple sources have confirmed this. Like you said though, he may need to mature and get older to show his potential. I truly wish him the best.
  12. Some people would rather stick their fingers in their ears if reality doesn't match what they want to hear.
  13. Yeah that's part of what I heard too: 1. Spotlight at The Ralph is too bright 2. He hasn't put the work in & Rinks was the 2nd best goalie all season
  14. I find it pretty funny that when I provide actual, ya know, information from a real source people downvote it on this site I hope Tomek has all the success in the world but this is what I've heard from a damn good source. He may have some maturing to do or maybe UND wasn't the right fit. I guess if that doesn't jive with what you'd prefer to believe downvote me again, cheers!
  15. Tomek doesn't seem to have the attitude needed to play in the big time spotlight at UND... and I have this on good authority I hope he can grow and thrive in the ushl and find success