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  1. Didn't see anything blatantly incorrect about the post?
  2. This team has nothing to apologize for. That comeback was incredible, Scheels Arena was absolutely bonkers. In my mind we won because I celebrated like it when Dixon scored. Won't change anything but I hate that they overturned that incredible ending without having conclusive evidence. College hockey is a cruel, cruel bitch.
  3. Big weekend for Pairwise 5-4 UND
  4. What a coincidence, this will only be my 28th time seeing them live this season
  5. 10-4
  6. We are down the rabbit hole now!
  7. You do realize you researched waxing/waning moon schedules to disprove a joke? I forgot to include when one of said team's players has a c- in a communications class. Back to your research...
  8. I'm flattered that you actually went back and checked moon schedules. I can picture you typing furiously at your computer muttering to yourself: "2016, 2000, 1997, 1987...sonofabitch.... AHA!! Although everything else checked out, 1963 trips your argument up. Checkmate!!
  9. About time someone offered neutering for my buckeye!
  10. Also a fact, not a belief: UND has never won a national championship while the moon wanes, only waxes. Wax has 3 letters > Tucker Poolman is #3 > Poolman can be translated roughly to Pool Man in Norwegian > Norwegian has 9 letters > We are trying to capture our 9th championship Whoa...
  11. Olson
  12. Also, crucial against BU. Oettinger is a stud goalie. But I loved to see those one timers on Saturday night against Duluth. Doesn't have to be perfect, just has to be on net.
  13. Welcome! As they didn't have the fanfest back in 2015, I'm not sure as to the answer. If I had to guess you're probably looking at $5-6/beer so maybe slightly cheaper?
  14. Also, Tucker sitting with other players talking to ESPN after practice. Gotta think he's playing... I mean look at how confident he's sitting! What shoulder?!
  15. Great catch!