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  1. Who didn't see that coming....
  2. Jerseys

    Here's the links for UND's photos from the playoff games, the lettering was black: WMU UM
  3. Pretty sure the athletic department was required to take cuts above and beyond what some other departments were, which is defensible. Before the first round of budget cuts they had to trim back their budget (institutional fund usage) and then shared in the pain the next two rounds as well.
  4. It is a shell game. The REA can hold back whatever they want/need to for reserves and "expenses" (while billing UND directly for others) with no checks and balances, which is one of the reasons they have a very significant reserve. However this is also the reason they have been able to do some of the updates they have, which is obviously good for the REA (and occasionally the BESC) along with the UND teams that play their but not great for the rest of the athletic department. It has been an advantage to UND as they likely wouldn't have been able to do some of the updates and don't have to worry about state oversight, however on the flip side, they are basically at the REA's whim on how much money they get back at the end of each year. The theory behind changing the agreement takes a bit more of that uncertainty out of the equation, particularly since ticket revenue has increased significantly from when the original usage agreement started and UND is only seeing 48% of that benefit come into their pockets. Side note - I wonder if the original agreement had the REA taking 52% of all ticket revenues even though men's hockey would have been the only team using the facilities at the time or that was something that changed when WIH was started and the BESC was built.
  5. UND to cut women's hockey

    I guess if UND were to lose (they shouldn't), they should just reinstate it as a club sport and call it good. There are other schools nearby who use that reasoning to "effectively accommodate student interests and abilities" and it seems to work.
  6. UND to cut women's hockey

    Kelowna, British Columbia Brandon, Manitoba Eden Prairie, MN Lakeville, MN Winnipeg, Manitoba Orivesi, Finland Mankato, MN Strathmore, Alberta Penticon, British Columbia Excelsior, MN St. Louis, MN Just want to point out where the people filing the lawsuit against the NDUS (or basically the state of North Dakota) reside, trying to force them to subsidize $2 million plus dollars per year so 25 girls not from North Dakota can play hockey. Ironically enough, there was actually 1 player from ND on the team at the time and she's not listed in the lawsuit even though she was a freshman at the time the program was cut.
  7. UND to cut women's hockey

    Based on what? He's stating UND wasn't in compliance with Title IX becuase they aren't meeting one of the prongs. They are only required to meet one and they already meet two. UND hired a firm who specializes specifically in TItle IX before they made any moves. I'm going to go with the firm who specializes in that over an activist lawyer who's expertise is employement/labor law. Read up on the guy, he seems like a real treat. Or check his Twitter bio, where he claims to be a "Radical Oakland activist, enemy of capital, civil rights lawyer and grandfather of three." Or him defending his client who was beating someone with a bike lock by completely ignoring video evidence.
  8. UND to cut women's hockey

    If you really want to talk equality and money at the same time, take a look at net cost per student athlete. Oh, and make sure the football team gets credit for their Champions Club donations that aren't included in the numbers you are quoting. Hell, the football team was already subsidizing women's hockey with 52% of their ticket revenues going to cover rent at the REA which is alot more than the WIH was contributing.
  9. UND to cut women's hockey

    Women's tennis literally costs 10% of what WIH did. Tennis probably draws more fan per dollar invested, so I guess there is that.
  10. UND to cut women's hockey

    Nothing in the last 15 years back that statement up. The community supports men's hockey and it wasn't for the lack of funding for the women's team. Volleyball had more fans/attendance and ticket revenue than WIH. Wishing it to happen doesn't make it so.
  11. UND to cut women's hockey

    The article has also been updated to include the former Olympians. I wish I was making that up.
  12. UND to cut women's hockey

    If their goal is to reinstate the program, they are suing the NDUS and their basis is failure to determine the athletic interests and abilities of women students and women athletes, then their lawyer needs to quit mentioning UND since that isn't the prong they use to remain compliant (which they are per the OCR report), it's the other D1 school in the state.
  13. UND to cut women's hockey

    The first half of this sure reads like the way a different NDUS school measures their Title IX compliance, not UND. Anyone know the particular reason this was filed against NDUS instead of UND? Is it because UND showed that they, as an individual institution, were in compliance? I mean they were literally cleared by the group that is charge of Title IX compliance, so there has to be something different here. And the article is very clear in stating NDUS not UND.
  14. 2018-19 Season

    Has he graduated? Can he grad transfer before he does? Did the examples you keep mentioning graduate before they announced their intentions? Best of luck to Geno. Wish he could have finished his career at UND but he wasn't willing to commit to his senior season here and the staff needs to focus on players that want to commit to be on the team.
  15. 2018-19 Season

    By planning ahead, do you mean not graduating and leaving himself in a position where he might not be able to transfer? He wanted the staff to keep his spot for him in case he isn't able to grad transfer. They told him no, they weren't waiting around and were going to move on if he couldn't commit to the team. Significantly different than having already graduated and telling the staff your intentions.