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  1. Retrench? How would anyone be able to tell the difference? UND has a good amount of say in what goes on at the REA, but to ensure that it doesn't matter, the interlocking ND has about two months to go until it's retired (and look what logo ended up on the ice in a Fargo). There will be no alternatives for the shoulder patches or the ice, it will be the new logo.
  2. They tried to appease too many people instead of just ripping the Band-Aid off, which just allowed the issues to linger. It appears they have finally figured out that strategy wasn't working.
  3. USD is already subsidizing their athletic department to the tune of over 60%, which is significantly higher than any of the other Dakota schools. Have to imagine some boosters stepped up to the plate and offered up the cash.
  4. If only people would have had the foresight to suggest UND could greatly improve their academic and athletic success if they could focus on "UND" instead of the anchor that was around its neck.
  5. Why cut off the program at knees so it can be even less successful and even less people will care when you can just cut it completely and use that money to elevate other programs? Touching the funding to any degree will cause an outage and moving them out of the REA will mean other programs are going to have to be elevated in some sense, just pull the plug if you're going to do something. Trimming budgets of programs will lead to mediocrity.
  6. And the backlash about "shoving it down people's throat" is embarrassing.
  7. The schools are mailed the physical tickets and have only hard copies, so no electronic copies are ever created. That would likely end up as an even bigger mess to handle on a short turnaround and semi-large scale. It is less of a hassle for them to have someone sit in the lobby to distribute tickets than it is for them trying to e-mail out tickets and having people calling with technical issues. Since the schools are the ones selling the tickets and have the info, it doesn't makes sense to have 4 different schools trying to give the information to the ticket office to try to deal with, especially when they aren't being paid for it.
  8. So which one can I drop your name at?
  9. I thought that was kind of strange to until I realized they are doing a doubleheader on 11/18 and UM/MSU play each other. Surprised they aren't just showing a replay of the game once it was completed.
  10. No arguments there. But at least there were small subsections adding to the diversity. Right now it is has basically turned in to "Boy, really hope UND makes it". They obviously have worked on preparing for a worst-case scenario by building up a reserve but what happens if/when UND were to miss it back to back years or 2 out of 3? They weren't. No one is saying the TC is better for watching hockey than the X, because it isn't. If that was literally the only other factor, it is a no-brainer. However there are a ton of other variables that come into play (cost, access, area, availability, etc, etc) and there are a lot of people who think returning to the X means the return of the Final Five when it isn't.
  11. Then they should really work on the assistant salary pool. Fun fact: Jones has never had the same assistant coaching staff in back to back seasons since he started as UND's head coach. Can't imagine that has been real helpful...
  12. Again, he literally covers ever single angle you claim he doesn't. He lays it out objectively and highlights the benefits and downfalls of all three options. It seems like you are trying to push a narrative from his post that isn't there. I've literally heard people I know who have said that they wish it was at the X because the Final Five was better. There are a lot of people who don't realize how big of an impact on losing UM/UW/Mankato/Bemidji will have on the atmosphere.
  13. They don't and aren't going to, so it doesn't really matter, but in your hypothetical scenario, I don't think it guarantees them entry into the B1G or NCHC. However it does remove what continues to be brought up as by far the biggest hurdle they have. Take out that roadblock and further vetting and discussion can take place, which on the NCHC side is going to be more dominoes needing to fall because they don't want to be at an odd number, whereas the B1G is already there and it solves their problem in short order.
  14. No. It was to join the only conference that gave UND a home for both its Olympic sports and football. There were absolutely no other options on the table at the time that provided that security. No. The situation changed because the Summit members in the MVFC realized they were better off overall by stabilizing the Summit and getting it to 10 members, despite it actually being a overall negative for the MVFC, making scheduling even more unbalanced. The option came at a time where UND was looking to cut costs, even though it has been an on and off conversation since UND has moved to D-1. This move has absolutely zero to do with B1G hockey. Of course ASU would prefer the B1G or NCHC over the WCHA, unfortunately it has no leverage at this point in time, especially as they continue to drag their feet on the arena issue. All three conferences have had lengthy discussions about ASU and the main reason why they haven't got an invite from the two they prefer is incredibly obvious. Even once that is figured out, there will still be a lot of discussion on what is best for each conference going forward and nothing is guaranteed.
  15. How did he miss that point? He literally said exactly what you claimed he missed. I think it is a pretty fair synopsis of the situation. A lot of people are pining for something that won't be what they remember and other potential costs and benefits are being ignored. He lays it all out for everyone to ponder with no bias.