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  1. Move Women's Hockey category

    Ok, I think this works. Thanks for pointing it out everyone.
  2. What the hell is going on?

    Yeah, this is nothing more than trolling at this point.
  3. Move Women's Hockey category

    Huh, sorry about that, I honestly hadn't given that situation much thought. But you're all right, it has to change. I could move it as a subcategory to other sports, and add a "(retired)" tag, but then it would still float at the top of other sports because its a subcat. I could just merge the posts into other sports, but then it would lose its individuality as a separate forum. I could also just add an "archive" or "retired" category, and move it as a subcat to that. Then it would still have its separate identity, but clearly be historical/not seeming more important than active sports.
  4. Hockey Schedule

    Hmmm.... do you see them all now? http://siouxsports.com/mens-hockey/schedule/und/ I do, but could be a bug in the HTML that makes it fail on some browsers.
  5. Server change tonight

    Yep, hawks is tough to work with. No doubt about it.
  6. Server change tonight

    I almost went undfans.com during the transition, but never got my act together. Now I feel like I should go Hawks, the name seems to be sticking.
  7. Server change tonight

    Don't believe I've managed to snag any of those. I have some close--undhawksfans, undhawksports, undhawkstalk. Believe me, I've been testing these names on people for years. No one agrees, which is why I still haven't done anything.
  8. Server change tonight

    I've joked about how if I held a vote, I'd still just do whatever I want (just like the nickname process!)
  9. Server change tonight

    As I mentioned above, "Hawks" is such a common (generic) name that all the best variations are taken. hawksnest.com, for example, is taken. hawksperch.com is as close as we've been able to get.
  10. Server change tonight

    After testing the waters 2 years ago (and reserving quite a few candidates), then debating with a few different groups of friends and supporters last Fall, I was actually just pondering a site name change this Summer. The problem still is that Hawks is such a common team name that all the really obvious Hawks-based domain names are in use. As a prize for reading an obscure thread in the admin forum, I'll let you in on some leading candidates... ndhawktalk.com was a leading favorite a couple years ago among people who wanted a more generic ND/UND association, and liked the rhyme. The primary complaint is that it's awkward to say (4 syllables). hawksperch.com is emerging this year as a leader among people who want a short, memorable name. The only real complaints about this one are that perch is sort of a funny word (and, sometimes, a fish). I have a dozen or so other candidates that most deem inferior to those two (e.g. once you get "fighting" in there, they become pretty unwieldy).
  11. Server change tonight

    I see. Ok, I've got that working now, too. Let me know of anything else!
  12. Server change tonight

    Probably. I made a permissions change, try again please.
  13. Server change tonight

    I'm cutting siouxsports.com, including the forum, over to a new server tonight. The transition is gradual over the course of up to a day or so, so there could be some weirdness as some people are on the old one and some on the new one. I'll keep an eye on things and hopefully all will be well.
  14. 2017 Bracket Challenge

    With Denver's win, a huge tie. Congratulations to: UND-1, Oxbow6, Redneksioux, iluvdebbies, Stms http://siouxsports.com/hockey/bracketleaders.php
  15. 2017 Bracket Challenge

    Thanks! I see what happened, it wasn't scoring those right. My mistake was spot checking johnboy's bracket, but he didn't get either game outcome correct. Should be fixed now! Looks like there's going to be a tie no matter who wins.