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  1. Indian nicknames in the news

    This article prominently features a bottle of "H-Sioux-O": https://www.fastcodesign.com/90157503/the-fraught-history-of-americas-most-pervasive-brand
  2. Moo U diaries

    This was pretty off-topic... the topic of this thread is NDSU, and taunting UND's performance to distract from that could be considered trolling. We also could have done without the responses to this. Everyone back to NDSU football, please. Thanks!
  3. Mobile Version Acting Funny

    There should be an arrow to the far right of the green bar that you can click on to re-expand it.
  4. A "UND Athletic Department" forum would be obvious and easy enough. Is there really enough traffic to justify it, would it be better to rebrand "Other Sports" as "Athletic Department and Other Sports", or do you think this is a situation where the creation of the forum will drive additional discussion on those topics? I'm less sure about the other. The basic idea is to separate UND-related news from other (Grand Forks, North Dakota, and regional) news?
  5. Mobile Version Acting Funny

    Hmmm... the "UND Sports" category title is gray on green. But, it is clickable. (Though clicking it just narrows the list of forums from the full list to those in that category). Am I looking at the right thing, or am I on the wrong track?
  6. Wish the site had

    In a thread, there should be a "Follow" box near the upper right. Click that, and you'll be following that thread. What following means is somewhat up to you. It can notify you when you load the site, send you an email with any new replies, etc...
  7. Move Women's Hockey category

    Ok, I think this works. Thanks for pointing it out everyone.
  8. What the hell is going on?

    Yeah, this is nothing more than trolling at this point.
  9. Move Women's Hockey category

    Huh, sorry about that, I honestly hadn't given that situation much thought. But you're all right, it has to change. I could move it as a subcategory to other sports, and add a "(retired)" tag, but then it would still float at the top of other sports because its a subcat. I could just merge the posts into other sports, but then it would lose its individuality as a separate forum. I could also just add an "archive" or "retired" category, and move it as a subcat to that. Then it would still have its separate identity, but clearly be historical/not seeming more important than active sports.
  10. Hockey Schedule

    Hmmm.... do you see them all now? http://siouxsports.com/mens-hockey/schedule/und/ I do, but could be a bug in the HTML that makes it fail on some browsers.
  11. Server change tonight

    Yep, hawks is tough to work with. No doubt about it.
  12. Server change tonight

    I almost went undfans.com during the transition, but never got my act together. Now I feel like I should go Hawks, the name seems to be sticking.
  13. Server change tonight

    Don't believe I've managed to snag any of those. I have some close--undhawksfans, undhawksports, undhawkstalk. Believe me, I've been testing these names on people for years. No one agrees, which is why I still haven't done anything.
  14. Server change tonight

    I've joked about how if I held a vote, I'd still just do whatever I want (just like the nickname process!)
  15. Server change tonight

    As I mentioned above, "Hawks" is such a common (generic) name that all the best variations are taken. hawksnest.com, for example, is taken. hawksperch.com is as close as we've been able to get.