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  1. It's not the logo I want, but that jersey is actually not bad. I like the style of the jersey itself.
  2. back to a conversation from a bit earlier. First, I dislike the new name as much as anyone. And I'm not a fan of the new logo. that said, a buddy was at the recent UND night at the Twins game and his wife did not care for the baseball hat so he gave it to me. I have to say, the logo, as a small icon, actually looks pretty good on that hat. I still don't like the big logo on the football helmets, and am guessing this is one of those things that might look better smaller than larger. Just the way I thought the Brien logo was fantastic as a large image but pretty poor as a small image on a baseball hat, etc. So, at least that's nice.
  3. what a great photo
  4. nice!
  5. No gopher fan has had training with buck pitchers at the Spud.
  6. Including the annoying jerks that showed up drunk near us, year after year.
  7. First off, I'm totally with you on your point. That said, honestly, thank God we're not the Huskies. That actually would have been worse.
  8. Either that or goes somewhere else
  9. That's just crazy talk, right there
  10. And the Duluth News Tribune photo on the story of Pionk leaving is him driving his shoulder into Cam. Don't feel sorry for UMD at all.
  11. You are correct and I knew that, but as I was typing on my phone I left some clarification out. My mistake. That said, my point remains. You win on MN and WI and I agree with you there. While historically correct on Michigan and Michigan State, only the oldest UND fans remember that. A live rivalry really doesn't exist with any of those teams with anyone under 50 and many over 50. Also, other than MN, you have no local game (Duluth, St. Cloud, etc.) which I believe is important to the fan experience. I think the regionalism of conference affiliation is a big deal for the fan experience, and you'll lose that in the Big10. But even more than that, I'm concerned that UND would get short shrift in other matters from that arrogant conference.
  12. In this day and age i can understand the lure of $ and association. I just think we've seen the detrimental effects of busting up a historical conference and the related rivalries and worry what would happen if UND was playing a little 6 schedule instead of the local and historical opponents we are used to. Couple that with a complete distrust of the Big10 conference.....i would fear being treated like the red headed step child in that conference. I agree there would need to be iron clad guarantees and i wouldn't even trust them to live up to those.
  13. I admit I haven't paid really close attention to a lot of what has been written for and against UND to Big6, but I don't understand the attraction.