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  1. Spring Ball 2018

    Defense will be somewhere between good and great. If the oline can hold up could be a huge year IMO.
  2. Spring Ball 2018

    https://millersports.areavoices.com/2018/04/14/und-spring-game-takeaways/#comment-10097 Tom Miller thoughts. OL still concerns me. ILB seems to be in better shape.
  3. Spring Ball 2018

    Recruiting is not as scientific and objective as we think it is. So many variables.
  4. Spring Ball 2018

    Seems to be much more confidence in the defense entering spring, will be interesting to hear if the defense can really get back to 2016 form.
  5. Spring Ball 2018

    http://www.undsports.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=13500&ATCLID=211703307 Defensive spring ball preview.
  6. Spring Ball 2018

    I believe it was lifting this winter.
  7. Spring Ball 2018

    Shoulder, I think.
  8. 2018 Season

    more vids of workouts. We need to be a hell of a lot stronger and more physical. Better be grinding everyday.
  9. 2018 schedule /team

    Good post. I think it comes down to OL and ILB. If those two positions are substantially better, 4-7 is too low, I would say 7-9 wins and a tournament berth. If one of those groups is better 5-6 wins. If neither of those groups is better than there are several new posts about the new HC and his staff on this forum a year from now.
  10. 2018 Season

    I think the dL was affected by the problems at ILB and safety. Could not dial up as much pressure with the inexpenerience/size/athletic ability we had at times at ILb and safety. Pressure creates optimal situations for dl to make big plays too.
  11. 2018 Season

    If you can't stop the run, it has a huge cumulative effect on the whole defense. The problems at ILB also affected the passing game, we couldn't get home on blitzes. DB's can look great if the QB is constantly running for his life and getting tagged.
  12. 2018 Season

    Depth and experience will be plus for us this year in places other than the DL. I am saying 7 with potential for a 9 if Harris is 100% and the ILB can stop the run.
  13. 2018 Season

    Should be pretty solid two-deep at lb with a bunch more size and athleticism in the middle. Should change the flow of the game a bunch if we can stop the run again and get to the qb consistently when blitzing. Anyone know if Rodgers is 100% recovered? From the article it sounds as though Larson is recovered.
  14. 2018 Season

    https://millersports.areavoices.com/2018/01/30/und-2018-position-by-position-linebackers/ Hopefully the Gopher transfer can be a player for us this fall.....is it August yet?
  15. 2018 Season

    If Connor Kruse is fully recovered from injury, he will be a significant contributor to the Hawk offense. Kid is a monster physically.