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  1. With the report that Jackson is moving back to safety, where does that leave the linebackers? Without Jackson: OLB-Lawrence/? OLB-Palmborg/Haas ILB-Rodgers/? ILB-Disterhaupt/? other linebackers on roster: Nevermann(Sr), Rastas(RFr), Bungum(Fr), Murray(Sr), Larson(Fr), Hunt(RFr), Reynolds(Fr), Steiger(So), Swenson(Fr), Geier(RFr), Vogel(So), Richman(So), Comstock(RFr) Of the 2nd bunch only Nevermann and Murray have ever played. Does anyone know if Murray and Hunt have recovered from spring injuries? Have the freshman all reported? Will be interesting to see what happens.
  2. Grady Haas Larson Mckinney Johannsen
  3. Utah lost some great players from last year's team and they will be looking past UND to the next weeks matchup @ BYU. Barring a very early TD by Utah, the upset will happen by 3-8 points. Utah will not be ready for UND's rushing attack and Studsrud will hit a couple big play-action passes. Potato Bowl (MO ST)will be UND 35-14 and UND will win at USD 38-20. If UND can find good enough depth in lb's and db's to operate the attacking defense efficiently it will be another year to remember.
  4. Anyone know when fall camp starts?
  5. That makes sense. Unless the guy was at the NDSU camp and performed in person I would guess NDSU will drop him eventually too.
  6. Not a chance in my book. Iowa and Iowa State must have been carried away when they offered him or there are off-field issues and he is no longer a take. Happens alot.
  7. If Bubba keeps winning everything will take care of itself. I seem to remember Rocky Hager having the edge over Roger Thomas at one point too.
  8. You really think a kid chose NDSU over Iowa or Iowa State and committed in June before his senior year?
  9. http://m.herosports.com/fcs-football/10-fantasy-fcs-title-games-that-could-happen-2017-season-bzbz
  10. If Coach Schmidt has the defense ready to roll(ILB & DB depth) and we can get an early lead, we can win. Is a great test to see how far up Bubba has taken the program. Will be a lot of fun no matter what happens.
  11. I'm ready for some football. Does anyone know when fall camp starts?
  12. I disagree. Team improved over the course of the season and beat all the Big Sky top teams with the exception of Eastern Washington. Came within a few minutes of beating a pretty good Richmond team. Won a couple of close games, but also lost 3 close games.
  13. http://www.standard.net/Weber-State/2017/06/03/2017-big-sky-football-preseason-poll-predictions-weber-state.html
  14. ESPN 2 will be broadcasting college football that evening also, so there is probably a chance.
  15. With UND's recent success other schools will certainly be paying attention to who we are on.