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  1. Win a national championship or two and get sports center up to GF for a game and it could change permanently.
  2. That is a great dream...would definitely help solve some potential depth problems at linebacker.
  3. Hammering the sender is actually more effective over time. If QB is laying on his back does not matter who is covering the receivers. An elite receiver and qb can only be stopped by heavy pressure, does not really matter if its pop warner or the NFL.
  4. Anyone have any info on Rastas current weight or how about Disterhaupt or Geier? Have they been able to bulk up 10-15 lbs this offseason? How about Larson? Recruiting info says 230, anyone know if he is really 230? i worry more about the weights at inside than outside backer.
  5. I agree, very glad Poole was caught and my hope is that he was not able to spread this to anyone else on the team. I am sure if other team members were aware of this situation at all and not a part of it that it would be very divisive to the chemistry on the team. Unless Poole was a total loner, I can't imagine his closest teammates/roommates did not have some idea. Does anyone know if the recent photos on his twitter are in Grand Forks or Colorado?
  6. Not usually many college kids with $3,600 in cash sitting around either.
  7. Right now there is an amazing amount of disinformation out there about marijuana. Its not addictive, it is not a gateway drug, "it heals everything from cancer to constipation and does not cause lung cancer even though the carcinogens are largely identical to cigarettes. The gateway has NOT been scientifically disproven, it is crap just like the rest of what I just listed. I am sure everyone has a buddy that started smoking when he was 14 or 15 and now has to smoke to get ready for the day and smoke to get some sleep, but he is not "addicted". Sometime read NORML meeting minutes and you will understand what is happening.
  8. As a former player and longtime booster, my stomach just dropped. This is really ugly. Hopefully he is the only one involved. Who does he live with? If I was Bubba I would pack up his locker and mail it back to Colorado in front of the whole team. Has the narcotics task force searched the stadium?
  9. i am not sure why the gateway part is covered up the way it is, but it is now a huge gateway drug. Kids are starting early, using regularly by jr and sr in high school and late in high school or in college years it is no longer enough. the vaping is a huge part of it too. The weed is easily mixed with stronger stuff.
  10. DE Dranka Cieslak NT Harris Greer DE Greely Bennett OLB Lawrence Rastas? ILB Rodgers Neverman? ILB Disterhaupt Geier OLB Palmborg Haas CB Hunt Carter SS Reyes Canaday FS Stewart Randolph CB Harris Holm
  11. You are right. i had Poole in my 2 deep to start fall camp. If Poole is done, who is next up? Turner? Nevermann inside and Rastas outside? could be getting a little thin at LB.
  12. You are correct the change in the high schools and middles schools with use is staggering, again 10% daily users in my area. While the Anderson article is interesting it is purely anecdotal and opinion in its storyline and conclussions, and is being recirculated among young athletes via social media, which just adds to the usage and abuse problem. For political reasons the marijuana epidemic is under the surface, I know some of you will scoff at my choice of words but sometime soon it will become public knowledge. The Colorado study of emergency room visits shows the real rate of increase and also the 'gateway' part of this. It is amazing how little media it received compared to what it would have received if it was an emergency room study connecting football and head injuries. My wife has responded to 2 instances of marijuana 'psychosis' at the local high school this year where the kid needed to be institiutionalized to get their head in order. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/pot-legalized-colorado-teens-hospital-er/
  13. I understand, but weed is illegal to posses in ND without a prescription no matter what your age and the big charge in all this is intent to deliver.
  14. Not to get too political but that is the plan. Get a state to legalize medical marijuana, get more of it grown 'legally' get the folks used to it, get more of it around for young people and then eventually get it legalized. Right now I will guarantee you in Grand Forks it is far easier for a high school or under-aged college kid to get some weed than beer. My wife is a social worker and it is getting to be an epidemic in the high schools in this county. Right now it is estimated in this county that 10% of the high school seniors 'wake and bake' and/or get high every day. It crosses all social and economic barriers.
  15. How about the fact he was more than likely supplying or trying to supply other team members. This situation could be really, really bad. Based on his twitter banner, IMO marijuana has overtaken UND football in importance to Poole.