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  1. Montana State Predictions

    Always seems like more of a delay to me than a true draw play.
  2. Montana State Predictions

    I think with a win the fan base will be happy. Does not matter if it is 3-0 or 53-50, it will be a nice recovery from last Saturday's nightmare.
  3. Montana State Predictions

    Right on, but you forgot draw.
  4. Montana State Predictions

    Man that is ugly.
  5. Injuries

    Part of the decision for me would be if Schmidt feels like it is a big enough upgrade from Rastas/Neverman/Richman and/or gives him more flexibility to move Disterhaupt around a little bit. If Schmidt feels like that, then there is a lot of season left and then there is also still a redshirt left in case there would be an injury in the future.
  6. Injuries

    Good question. I don't recall him ever being listed on depth chart either. Just reported a couple times he was practicing with first team in fall camp before he got hurt. Anyone have any info on Larson?
  7. Injuries

    INJURY REPORT VS. MONTANA STATE OUT FOR SEASON DB 19 Deion Harris (out for the season) DB 29 Andre Randolph (out for the season) OUT WR 20 Easton Erbes (out) WR 23 Josh Seibel (out) FB 42 Kyle Norberg (out) LB 44 Donnell Rodgers (out) LB 45 Cam Hunt (out) OL 65 Demon Taylor (out) QUESTIONABLE DB 6 Evan Holm (questionable) OL 72 Mat Cox (questionable) OL 78 A.J. Stockwell (questionable) WR 81 Luke Stanley (questionable)
  8. Montana State Predictions

    Before last weeks debacle at USD, I would have thought UND would be favored for a solid win vs MSU. Now I am not so sure. Was the USD game an aberration caused by overconfidence on the part of the team and the staff? Did it expose some flaws in the team, maybe or maybe not caused by injuries? Was the staff a little lax in the preparation of the team? At this point I vote that last Saturday was the 'perfect storm' caused by overconfidence, injuries, and running into a really 'hot' opponent with a chip on its shoulder that played a great game. I think Schmidt will have a better plan to deal with a depleted defense and MSU will score less than 24. I am sure Rudy(encouraged by Bubba) will be putting together a game plan to control the clock and make it easier for the defense. Taubenheim needs to be better with his kicks and Santiago needs to have more good returns. I say Olivera has another big game vs MSU and we run for 250 plus as a team. Studsrud and the receivers have a better game and he passes for 200 plus. Defense has a td and finds a way to stop Murray. No more than 5 penalties and we convert 70% on third down. UND 27-21.
  9. Injuries

    Do we know if any of the injured will play this week? I know some guys are listed as out, but how about the guys listed as questionable?
  10. Moving On To The Bobcats

    Anyone know if any of the questionable guys practiced today?
  11. Moving On To The Bobcats

    A 4-3 would not be easy at all to install, a wrinkle or two that incorporate 4 DL would be doable. An entire 4-3 defense not so much.
  12. Gameday vs USD

    That is not a penalty in that situation. No referee would ever call that on a running qb that is obviously trying to get the first down. Great no call. Big difference if it is in the middle of the field and he is not still in the process of eluding a would-be tackler.
  13. Moving On To The Bobcats

    Injuries to O'Brien, Rodgers, Hunt and Larson, arrest of Poole, and the non-development of Neverman and Murray at ILB have put Schmidt in a box. Pretty crazy if you think about it.
  14. Moving On To The Bobcats

    I don't think Larson was listed at all last week. I think Hunt was listed as out last week.
  15. Gameday vs USD

    Saturday was as bad a game as UND could play even with depleted roster and I think we will find that USD, with very good team, played almost a perfect game. It happens like this once in awhile. A good team plays lights out and another good team forgets to show up. IMO It happened yesterday with Dallas and Denver and last seasons CFP with Clemson and Ohio State. One team gets the early mo and the other team never really recovers. i hope we get a second game this year in Vermillion and Schmidt has the horses to stop up the middle and get pressure home on Streveler. Would be a different game.