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  1. MuggsyGobes


    Osterberg and Miska are on Duluth's synchronized diving team.
  2. MuggsyGobes


    Osterberg will have a great pro soccer career with those diving skills.
  3. MuggsyGobes

    NORTH DAKOTA @ Boston U. - FRIDAY Gameday

    I too struggle with this. Indisputable evidence shouldn't take much time to determine one way or the other.
  4. MuggsyGobes

    NORTH DAKOTA @ Boston U. - FRIDAY Gameday

    Helluva day so far. You can all rest easy now.
  5. MuggsyGobes

    WEST Regional (fargo) - UMD/OSU ~~ BU/UND

    Being superstitious is a real b****. I guess I'm going to Bed, Bath, and Beyond again on Friday morning
  6. MuggsyGobes

    NORTH DAKOTA @ WMU - SATURDAY Gameday ********

    Nickname controversy aside, this logic does not make sense. UND has won several conference championships and the national title since the Sioux name was retired. I think it's safe to say there was no less animosity towards the retirement "Sioux" and the adoption of "Fighting Hawks" in past seasons compared to this one. I admit I don't own a single article of "Hawks" clothing, but I can at least appreciate an argument for moving on for the sake of unity. Nevertheless, your comment is cheap shot trolling and a bit laughable considering the UND Fighting Hawks won a natty last year.
  7. MuggsyGobes

    North Dakota vs. Minnesota in Las Vegas - October 2018

    Group of 10 of us wanting to go down, all tried to get tickets, all failed. I couldn't even buy a single ticket. Seems weird.
  8. MuggsyGobes

    former players

    Big hit from Finley last night is the talk of the Finish Elite League. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=2s4n9W3qN2Y&app=desktop
  9. MuggsyGobes

    Where to Stay in Omaha

    I live in Omaha and would recommend staying at any of the hotels in Aksarben Village from a pure convenience standpoint. Hotels, bars, restaurants, the UND pregame party, and of course the arena are all within walking distance. My folks always come for the series and stay in Aksbaren now that the Mavs play at the Baxter instead of downtown at the Century Link and really like it because you don't have to drive at all once you get to town. There are more places to eat/drink downtown, but not as much of a hockey crowd/energy since UNO changed venues. Either way, Omaha is an easy place to get around and we have both Uber and Lyft as well. Happy to be the Omaha concierge for anyone who has general questions. I hope to see lots of green again this year! Safe travels.
  10. MuggsyGobes

    NORTH DAKOTA vs. Bemidji State --- HWY 2 Battle

    Traveling to the games from Omaha today. Will be sure to take lots of pictures so I can show the UNO fans around here what a hockey rink looks like.
  11. Wife just asked, "Why are you in such a good mood today?" Me, "(smirk)...because I just love you so much, honey." She is clearly oblivious to the correlation between UND hockey and my relative mood. Going to be a great day!
  12. MuggsyGobes

    UND Sports TV Options

    For Apple TV users. Twitter: NCHC replied to a question about the NCHC App on Apple T.V. The app will only be available on the 4th generation apple tv (newest version of apple tv). Earlier versions of apple tv will have to connect via airplay, which is no different from previous years. Shoot, that stinks.
  13. MuggsyGobes

    Fighting Sioux Mystery Item Raffle

    I'll take 1 please.