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Best Thing About Sioux Hockey Games


What is your favorite thing about our hockey games?  

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  1. 1. What is your favorite thing about our hockey games?

    • 1. The Laser Show
    • 2. When the announce the starting line up
    • 3. The Eminem video thing
    • 4. Listening to the band play
    • 5. Being able to yell "KEVIN SPIEWAK" after he scores a goal.
    • 6. Watching the fights
    • 7. Watching the crazy students
    • 8. Watching the boys warm up
    • 9. Singing The Beer Song!
    • 10. Being able to watch hockey at a place like The Ralph.

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Top Posters In This Topic

You forgot to put.."being in the student section" but yelling KE-VIN SPIEWAK!!! is pretty cool though

yah I did forget that! I thougth of like 5 things after I posted it. Being in the student section makes the game about 10 times better!! I love it when they do the whole " Here's your University of North Dakota Fighting Sioux Scoring!" thing. That's one of the things i forgot. It's deffinatley the funnest to yell KEVIN SPIEWAK!! :D

oh, and siouxrock- katie o'keefe is SUPER annoying!! but you probly just like her cuz you think she's hott!! Maybe if I were a guy I might like her more but I'm not a lezbo!

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ur a girl?

Don't worry about Siouxrock, ~SiouxHockeyLover~....he's in his own little world...the rest of do know that there are girls on this forum that do know a thing or two about hockey

BTW...Katie O'Keefe talks???...huh, I guess I never noticed :D:D

on the poll...I just have this to say...scoring for the Sioux number 16 Ke-vin SpieWAK!!!

Disclaimer: I took literary license and puposely used incorrect grammar (This is mainly for Siouxrock's benefit)

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