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The new coach has been named:

Sami Strinz

It sounds like she was a good player, but she graduated from college just three years ago, and her W-L record in two years at Dakota Wesleyan was 23-62. Did the IUP coach withdraw from consideration? This may be the least experienced UND head coach since Maria Bruggeman went from being a grad assistant to head volleyball coach.

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It is sounding more and more as though softball and baseball are not a priority at UND. I know that I read recently that Buning intends to keep these two sports when the transition is made to Division I, but one has to wonder. :lol:

The Big Sky doesn't have baseball, and UND really would have a difficult time as a baseball DI independent. For Softball, Idaho State & UNC are indies, E Wash and Weber have club teams that may go varsity, while Portland State and Sac St are in the WCC, but would have to switch if six Big Sky schools offer softball. Softball may in a sense be a small asset to gaining BSC affiliation (and forcing Portland State and Sac St into the BSC for that sport).

The Summit has both baseball and softball, but doubt Oral Roberts is especially thrilled with the idea of adding another northern baseball school. UND's chance of acceptance may actually increase without the sports.

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Evidently, UND is recruiting California for softball now...

Erica Younan doesn't like to disappoint people. So when she decided to sign on to play softball at the University of North Dakota, the Chico star had to hesitantly break the news to all the other interested coaches. Of course there was one happy coach who didn't get a rejection call from Younan, and now she's banking on the local hurler leading the Fighting Sioux into Division I prominence.

"I saw her last summer at a recruiting tournament in Las Vegas, and she totally stood out because she threw harder than all but one pitcher there," said UND coach Sami Strinz. "Our goal was to find a flame thrower and that's what we found in Erica. We were really lucky, she was our number one recruit."

Younan headed to Division I
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The Sioux are playing some pretty good softball.

It is only three games into the 2008 softball season, but early on it appears that no deficit is too daunting for the Fighting Sioux to overcome.

Yesterday, UND erased a 4-0 deficit in a dramatic, 5-4 win over Dayton. This afternoon, the Sioux delivered a second straight stunning victory over Dayton, climbing out of an 11-4 hole to defeat the Division I Flyers 14-13 on junior Nicole Puerling

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