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How about on the Bison Sioux statewide football and basketball games. It was pretty clear where Mr. Sweeney's loyalties were, very exuberant after a big Sioux play, pretty somber after a big Bison play.

Pat Sweeney is no worse than Ed Shultz, Dana Mock and Steve Hallstrom were/are when it comes to the Bison. That's why during the Sioux-Bison games, they would put one broadcaster each from WDAZ and WDAY; to balance out the biases. When it comes to this rivalry; it's UND vs. NDSU, Grand Forks vs. Fargo, brother vs brother, husband vs wife, etc. There isn't anyone in the state with an unbiased bone in their body. I don't think that will change once the rivalry resumes.

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Sweney pulls for the Sioux no more than Fox Sports North hockey guys (Frank the Rug and Doug Woog) pull for Goldie.

Heck even on neutral games Mazooker & Wooger will pull for somebody. When they do the final 5 they always pick a team to root for.

But unless the game is on a national network, most announcers are local guys who will put a little more into their teams announcing.

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