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Did Mayville State Drop Soccer?


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MSU did just drop both it's mens and womens soccer programs. Why they were ever started I don't know. I believe there is only 1 other DAC school that has women's soccer and MSU was the only DAC school that sponsored men's soccer. Considering that there were no other teams around to play, I am sure that it was a rather expensive program to run.

MSU also just released 8 instructors as a cost saving move. They are trying to reduce the next budget by up to half a million.

At least this is the word in Mayville.

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Now, mind you, I have a soft spot for Mayville (the town and college) for various family reasons (and because the Mayville DQ has the best malts in the state) but in the times of tight ND SBoHE budgets I struggle as to why we as ND taxpayers keep it around when UND and NDSU are each just 40 miles away.

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I agree that for a state with a small population there is an overabundance of public schools (especially counting the 2 year schools). It doesn't seem very efficent to have Valley's and Mayvilles along with Williston and Lake Region, too many for not enough people IMHO.

On another note why start them in the first place. My guess is that they were started to get students there. Did they not do that? It is obiviously not a well thought through decision if they try it for two years and pull the rug. Certainly not good for PR, current studnet moral, ect.

After all 40 soccer student athletes is roughly 5% of the total enrollment of 800.

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