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DU @ UNDon't get swept Saturday thread.


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2 hours ago, Langster019 said:

This feeds into the lines subject but why is Constantini, who was a top 5 point producer last season, buried on the 4th line? 

Because he’s been an absolute non-factor all season? He’s had multiple opportunities in the top 6 and hasn’t been noticeable at all. 

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On 11/14/2022 at 8:20 PM, Bleedn Green said:

Our D is a dumpster FIRE!

I have no idea what the coaches see in Moore and Johnson ,#4 wants to play forward, #6 still looks like a true freshman on the ice.

Someone made the mistake of telling Frisch that he is a good player,  I liked him a lot better when he was competing for ice time. (Played harder with more attention to detail)

Sidorsky and Farmer look like pylons after about the first 30 seconds of every shift.

We need more BOMBS from Kleven.

This was supposed to be our strength, The D corps is where it all starts.  Jackson needs to get this crew to pull their heads out of their derrière's and the forwards will follow.  

The positive is our goaltending,  Deridder and Hellsten are playing well enough for us to win. 


Its not just the D that are struggling. The plus minus stats were completely different last year. 

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