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UND (6-24, 2-15) vs NDSU (20-9, 12-5) 2/26 1 PM


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Well folks, we have sadly have reached the final game of the season.  Much too soon for anyones liking.  We can pick apart everything that went wrong and what needs to happen in another thread or immediatiely after I create the 22-23 season thread.

The Bison roll into town and are still trying to fight for the 2 seed.  If you want the biggest threat to NDSU, they are it.  They are finally healthy and despite a setback against KC last weekend, are rounding into form.  They will have a major advantage down low with Rocky, Grant, and Andrew.  

It is the rivarly, so anything can happen, but this could get ugly quick.

This is also senior day.  So this will be the final game for Bentiu Panoam.  We know this to be a fact.  While the Bentiu magic wasn't as great as it was last year, he defintely was a case where hard work does indeed pay off and taking advantage of the opportunities that were given to him.  He could have easily have left, but stayed with it and made his biggest impact last year and this year.  Who will ever forget last year with his performance against USD, where he stared down both AJ and Umude and got whatever he wanted against them.  Thank you for everything Bentiu.

As of now, I don't know if Ethan Igbanugo and Mitchell Sueker will also be honored, which could tip their hand on whether they will be coming back or not (however, I recall Panoam getting a senior day, but then decided to come back for his COVID year), so we will see.

There is another reason to watch:  Paul Bruns can finish off a thrilling freshman year by breaking the freshman scoring record.  All he needs to get is 6 more points to do so.  He only scored 8 against St. Thomas, but he should be able to do it against NDSU.   Enough for Freshman of the Year in the Summit?  We shall see.

Game is on the Tres

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