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UND (12-16, 6-9) @ USD (12-16, 6-9) 3/2 330 PM


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UND picked up, quite possibly, the biggest conference win of the season as they went into Fort Wayne and left with a victory.  Now UND looks to finish the regular season with 4 wins in a row and a road sweep.  The team standing in the way?  The Yotes of USD. 

This is an important game for both teams as it will decide who they will play in the first round of the Summit League Tournament.  The winner is the 6th seed and gets a Sunday Matchup against Fort Wayne, who both USD and UND have split against.  The loser gets Omaha* on Saturday and both teams have lost twice to. 

*Lets be real, there is zero chance SDSU is losing today. 

While this has not been the best season for USD, they do have the conference tournament to look forward to since it is well... in Sioux Falls.  Perhaps they can use a little of that home state magic to make a run.  They also hope to close out the regular season with momentum by winning 4 out of the last 5 game

UND did not play very well against USD and hoping to put a much better performance on the table.  They got a great 2nd half performance against Fort Wayne and UND is finally starting to come together.  Can they take the next step forward here?  Or will it be a damper to end the season and not record any wins against any of the Dakota 3 schools (Or the I-29 schools, 0-7*)

*I just realized that UND has gone 6-2 against the non-I-29 schools.  Let that sink in.....

Milestone Watch:

-Moody has 77 3 pointers on the season, which is 7th all time in a single season.  While he probably wont catch the all time single season record at 102, he has a good chance of catching Q's 84, which is the record for UND at the D-1 level.

-Connor Avants 61.2% field goal percentage is currently 4th best in UND single season history and the best percentage in D-1 history.  He will need to have really good games to try and catch the all time single season record at 64.3%

-Billy Brown 45.8% 3 point percentage is 5th best in UND single season history.  He would need to have a couple of good games to get up to the single season record, which is 48.1%.


1) Can UND keep up their hot shooting?

2) Can UND have a good night from their bench?

3) How will UND handle USD's starters, in which 4 of them average in double figures?

4) Who wins the rebounding battle?

Other Games:

Omaha (12-3) @ DU (3-12)

NDSU (8-7) @ Fort Wayne (9-6)

WIU (4-11) @ SDSU (13-2)

The call: 

4 in a row for Coach Jones! 4 in a row for Coach Jones!  UND ends the regular season on a high note and avoids going 0-6 against the Dakota 3.  I think they get enough shooting and with Avants in the lineup this time, we have a different story.  One thing I would like to see is Walter and Rebraca have nice games in the post. 

UND 79-77

Authors Note:  As this is the last game of the regular season, I would like to extend my thanks to all the wonderful comments and feedback I've received from doing these game threads.   I hope to do even better next year. 

Game is on the Plus or the Midco Dos

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