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UND (2-0) @ #10 Kentucky (1-1) 11/14 8 pm


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43 minutes ago, jdub27 said:

Can't have that many turnovers against a team like Kentucky, but was probably expected from such an inexperienced team. They don't anyone near this level on their schedule the rest of the year, so learn from it and move on. Cautiously optimistic about what some of the new players showed last night, could be a fun year albeit with some ups and downs.

I agree.  Kentucky just looked so athletic that I wasn't even mad haha.  I like this team. 

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As of now we have a loss to Kentucky, but playing a school that high profile ... you never know. In 20 years, there is always that possibility of a violation and that win/season having to be vacated from their record. There is still hope! :D

In all seriousness, it was about what I expected. I was hoping it would have been a bit closer. What frustrated me were some of the terrible passing decisions that were made. Not much awareness that you are playing a bigger, faster, more athletic team, when you try to pass it right through traffic, or trying to pass over the top.

Despite all the talk about Crandall, this is the kind of game where he would have made a difference. I wish this game could have been in 2 years when this team was a little more experienced. Hard to ever expect to win it, but it would be nice to see us keep up with a team like this longer than 6 minutes.

Saw some good things things though. I really like Moody, that kid is going to be really good. Rebraca seems like he is going to be really solid for us too. Jal is crazy athletic, but hasn't really stood out to me yet. Brown has been frustrating to watch, IMO. Then again, I've said before I'm not a great basketball mind, maybe I'm way off base.

Very frustrating to not have Stewart out there, but hopefully he will be ready to get in the lineup and be an immediate impact next semester.


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