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Augie announces they are examining the move to DI

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4 hours ago, southpaw said:

It would be smart to move the MVFC officially under the Summit name to prevent those issues.  Adding UNC stretches the footprint a lot to the west, but if Augie drops FB, that brings the number of teams to 12 and allows for east/west divisions with 3 crossover games for 8 total games per school.  Unfortunately, the west division would be killer with UND, UNC, NDSU, SDSU, USD, and probably UNI.

That leaves the east as MSU, the ISUs, Southern Ill, Western Ill and Youngstown St.  I'd much rather be in the east than the west but at the same time, you could have an NCHC-type situation where the west's strength of schedule helps more teams with average records get in.

If Augie doesn't drop football and gets into the new summit football league, you don't really need UNC, as DU doesn't want to be a travel partner with them anyway.  Your west becomes the Dakota 4, UNI and Augie.  The east stays the same, which is still much easier for them.

No clue if it happens, but it would keep that stability in 6-8 teams that aren't likely to leave each other and make the conference scramble.

One can't add football using a majority of non conference schools as the Summit has to have six for FCS or eight for FBS.  The MVFC doesn't even count as a conference sport for the MVC as the MVFC doesn't have either.  The MVFC doesn't serve a purpose for the MVC private schools and is "officially" not associated.  The MVC has to offer baseball and mens soccer numbers to maintain its autobid.

The numbers are simply not there for a Summit close to its current form minus PUFW and WIU.  The Summit could lose its autobid if it relied on you trolls.  Augie wouldn't count for fb for at least five years so the Summit needs two more fb playing members.  The Summit should be panicking, but they aren't, as they have a hand they haven’t shown.  Augie should have been added before UND was added if they didn't have a master plan to get the Montana's and Idaho.

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They need a conference to be able to move if the summit is dumb enough to take them it’s shame on und for moving from the big sky 

Everyone is paying twice as much for athletics now in an effort to get away from associating with schools like Augustana.  If Auggie joins the Summit, any talk of the university presidents seekin

This is confirmation of what I have argued for years: The Summit League is a complete joke........... No getting around that now.

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