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NCHCtv on AppleTV


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Does anyone use AppleTV for live viewing of NCHCtv?


Does full DVR functionality work on the live feed?
In other words, when watching the game at the time it is played, can you pause and rewind like on a TIVO?


Full live DVR functionality was committed to by NCHC and Neulion in their August press release, but they recently confirmed DVR does not work for the live feed on Roku. Based on the Roku streaming methodology, it can only delay 30 seconds max during live streaming. When watching the next day, full DVR is available, but what's the use at that point...


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On 10/20/2017 at 7:20 PM, Vegas_Sioux said:

Yes you can pause and rewind. Hold the left side of the Apple TV remote. 

Vegas_Sioux: Thanks for the info. I don't currently own an Apple TV, but based on the poor performance of the Roku NCHC App, I might buy one.

Just to confirm, have you paused the game for like 20 minutes and then returned and played from that point forward? (The Roku app only works for about 30 seconds...)

Thank you!

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58 minutes ago, USA said:

Can someone confirm the quality of nchc.tv?  I have a smart TV....will quality on there be good or will.i be disappointed? Thanks!

Several variables here. 

1) How good is your internet connection. Speed and stability are both important.

2) How good is the student intern running the camera. (And a colorado game throws, how High he is into the mix too)

3) The quality of the on-air announcers.



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Thanks for response!  Bought it....actually very happy with picture quality (cameraman goes a little crazy at times). Just wish I could get the sound synchronized with picture as I am sending to TV. 4-5 second delay in picture and sound. If I was watching off computer, would be very pleased.

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