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And then there were three....

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Wait, I'm confused. Which name are Republicans supposed to vote for and which one for Democrats? 

UND Hillaries? 

I guess it's better than nodaks or hawks. 

Good Lord!  The Hillaries might actually be appropriate for how messed up this process has been.  Not to mention she got screwed over by her husband just like we got screwed over by Kelley.

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i work with two und students...i asked one what nickname he voted for and he said he didn't vote but he would have voted nodaks...i offered him five dollars for him to vote RR and i'm pretty sure we will settle for seven dollars or a little caesars pizza...one more for RR.  the other student voted FH because of the cool logo...i showed her the "_____ Hawks Gif" and she looked dumbfounded...she said she probably isn't going to vote again because of kelly's switching things mid vote but if she does i'm pretty sure it won't be for FH!!

buying votes eh? 

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