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Frozen Four Game Recorded?


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So, I went to a Frozen Four party last night and forgot to set my DVR to record the game. I was wondering if anyone has saved it and has the ability to put it on DVD or anything like that? I DVR and put on my computer the good games so I can archive them and watch them later and am kicking myself for not DVR'ring last nights game. Anyone have the game? I can mail blank DVD's or a thumb drive or something if you would be willing to share.

Along these lines, does anyone have the Sioux/Gopher game from 2012 where the Sioux came from a 3 goal deficit and scored 5 goals in the third?


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I have both of the games you referenced in the above post.

Looks like you have a pretty extensive list. That is awesome. I PM'd you. I have wanted to get into game trading. I used to do a lot on tapetrader back in the day with music, but would like to increase my sporting collection. Any recommendations on how to get started?

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Gee, thanks Goon. If we ever happened to be at the same bar at the same time I would gladly take you up on that offer.

If I walked into that bar and saw you two having a beer I would turn around and go to a different bar. :)
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