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Hey down in front the pucks on the ice


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Can't stand sitting behind a bench. Would never get tickets there. Plus it stinks like....well....we all know.

the fun part is being to hear some of the chatter between payers, coaches and officials. this is definately not an area for young ears.

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I sat in the first row behind the Duluth bench for one period when they won the FF in St. Paul. Crappy seats - I was looking up at the scoreboard so I could see what was going on instead of watching the ice since I couldn't see through the coaches. But it was interesting to see and hear what was going on in the bench area.

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We had seats behind the home bench at the Final Five for the past three years. We actually enjoyed it. It might have helped that UND won the Broadmoor two of the three times we sat there... and we spanked the Gophers when the Gophers were sitting right in front of us. With that said, the seats were definitely obstructed and we spent a lot of time watching the scoreboard during the game.

I can see why it's not for everyone. There is the hockey stink and the view is obstructed at the X. But it was a fun experience to watch players and coaches on both teams during time outs and such. I love watching a game play and seats higher in the lower bowl of the X would have been excellent. We happened to get the tickets not knowing exactly what it was like and we enjoyed the experience so we continued to renew.

We've sat behind the bench in Bemidji and the view is much better to watching more of the game play out.

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