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The B.C.S. Rankings Are Out


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Here are the official BinCitySioux Top 5:

1. Pflugrad

2. Okruch

3. DeWitt

4. Bubba

5. Marshall

Why I like them:


  • Decades of experience as a high level assistant at high level FBS/BCS conference schools
  • Many years of experience as an assistant in the Big Sky
  • Successful head coaching stint at a Big Sky school
  • Familiar with Big Sky recruiting areas

    • Decades of experience as a coordinator at high level FBS/BCS conference schools
    • Defensive minded coach
    • Is surely somewhat familiar with UND's "traditional" recruiting grounds having coached at Midwestern Big 10 schools, plus probably has contacts in Big Sky recruiting areas having been at Colorado
    • Already sports UND-approved mustache

      • Defensive coordinator experience in FBS
      • Defensive coordinator experience at Northern Iowa
      • Being originally from Wisconsin, having spent time at UNI, should be familiar with recruiting UND's traditional areas
      • Younger guy, could be an up and comer in the profession
      • Defensive minded coach


        [*]Years of defensive coordinator experience at greatest DII program of all time :)

        [*]Defensive coordinator experience at high level FCS conference

        [*]Head coaching experience at high level DII program

        [*]Knows the fertile recruiting grounds of the Upper Midwest

        [*]Defensive minded coach


          [*]Years of defensive coordinator experience at FCS schools, the last 6 at a high level Big Sky school

          [*]Always has been a part of a winning program, both at Drake and Montana St.

          [*]Iowa native and played and coached at Drake so should be familiar with recruiting in the Upper Midwest

          [*]6 or 7 years now experience recruiting in the Big Sky

          [*]Defensive minded coach

          [*]Younger guy, could be an up and comer in the profession

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Watching the Towson - Eastern Illinois, it seems that Oxbow's take on NDSU's defense is spot on. Neither of these teams has been able to slow the other team's offense, so my mind has changed a bit and this list will have a definite defensive slant to it...

Robin Pflugrad still first choice - knows Big Sky and how to recruit and win

Jeff Mills - New Mexico Defensive Coordinator. FBS experience and was DC the last time Idaho went to a bowl

Jamie Marshall - Montana State Defensive Coordinator. again knows the Big Sky

Jovan Dewitt - Defensive Coordinator at Florida Atlantic

Bubba Schweigert - even though my personal preference is to start fresh, he knows defense

Vince Okruch - again lots of FBS experience on the defensive side of the ball

Honorable mention to Kalen DeBoer, Robin Ross, Bart Andrus and Robert Ianello. Maybe Faison is negotiating behind the scenes with someone like Barney Cotton, Ross Els, Mike Breske or Tracy Claeys (yeah, longshots). Also would like to see Todd Hoffner get a chance to get back into coaching at some level, but that would be up to the new head coach.

Really believe that UND needs to put a solid defense on the field to win at this level. The offensive tools are there, but improving the tackling and pass coverage must be a focus. Both sides of the trenches are also key to turning the corner for the future.

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I'm curious as to why that would be. I get that he butted heads with administration at MU, which could scare other administrators. From a pure football perspective the guy's qualifications stack up to anyone's.

I don't necessarily disagree with you, but I can certainly see it from an AD's perspective.

And better yet, a President's perspective...

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